You’re not behind.

How’s your 2019 going so far? … as usual – this is not a hypothetical Q.

Click here to let me know. I LOVE READING YOUR MESSAGES :)

(This is where I imagine you reply, then ask, “…how ’bout you?”)

I’d say our year’s off to a pretty good start!

“Good” meaning we’ve only been officially tardy to school once (or twice?) so far this semester, Marie Kondo’s Netflix series inspired me to clear the 5,000 piles of paper + miscellaneous Lego bits on our kitchen counters on Jan 1, and I’ve recorded a new podcast AND an Instagram live for you. #wins.

Notice how I included the mess and the message as wins?

Because there’s ALWAYS gonna be some mess. That’s life.

The sooner we can be okay with that, the sooner we can go about our business.

If you’re feeling stuck in the comparison trap, looking at what eeeeeveryone else on the internet is up to, imagining they’ve got a special secret you’re just ONE course or video away from learning…

If you feel like somehow you’re already behind even though we’re only 17 days into the new year…

This podcast ep is for you.

If you’re feeling clear, on purpose and fully aware of your mission + plan for bringing it to life…


Either way – wanted to send this note to say:

Hiyee. Happy new year.

In case you’ve been thinking otherwise:

You’re not behind.

You’re actually in the PERF position to take your very next right step. Always.

Because (spoiler alert): you can’t take a wrong one.

Helps to remember that once in a while.

Okay that’s it. I’ll meet you back here soon.

In the meantime – take care o’ you!