Word Pickles, Social Studies, & Dreamails: The NEW ACAC Workshop Series

WORDPICKLES.COM << It’s real. Click it.

If you use the internet for business + community-building, feast your eyes and sharpen your pencil(s).

If you could use a little help:

>> Crafting social media posts that build *genuine* connection with your crowd

>> Drafting emails your dream clients + customers LOVE to open (+ buy from)

>> Handling awk + uncomfortable convos with clarity, compassion, and honesty

I GOT YOUR BACK. (And a great domain, obviously.)


I have to say: I learned a LOT from the process of creating this workshop series. It was HARD and messy and exhilarating… all the things.

I can and will share some of those lessons in Season 2 of the #naptimeempires podcast.

In the meantime, here’s the quickie version:

My overly optimistic 37-week-pregnant self casually + easily pre-sold these workshops to members of my A Course About Copy® fam in December 2015.

Not surprisingly, my post-partum self, solo momming my newborn + preschooler because #deployment COMPLETELY resented that 37-week pregnant self and resisted creating them / sat in a self-imposed shame spiral for MONTHS.

Once I created a Deke-in-lap, I’m-sorry-I-can’t-bring-myself-to-do-this-right-now video (+ offered full refunds) to my HYPER-patient earlybirds, the shame was lifted and I was free to create again.

[A couple of ladies took me up on the refund offer – totally understandable – yet I’ll never forget the humility and RELIEF I felt when reading this response: “There is no way I am gonna get a refund. I know that it’s gonna be extra awesome when it’s born. Until then please please forgive yourself, be extra kind with yourself, enjoy your precious moments with D. And be ready to receive a huge wave of love and support.”]

^^^ being able to experience THAT kind of genuine connection simply by connecting online… is exactly what these workshops are about.

And yet:

Even once the workshops were READY and safely delivered to those hyper-patient earlybirds, I resisted creating a public sales page for well over a year.

Which brings us to the present.

Turns out, witnessing the devastating effects of Harvey was just the push I needed to GET OVER MYSELF and finally share these publicly – with a special “premiere party” price and portion of all profits going to support local relief + recovery efforts here in my hometown.

This is just the beginning, team.

We have a WHOLE lot to learn and a whole lot give.

Here’s ONE (silly-sounding) starting point.

Details here >> wordpickles.com