You want S P A C E. (For what?)

Felt a pull to go to the gym this morning, for the first time in over a year.

On my walk, I realized that my word of the year (SPACE) is actually just the *frame* of the conversation for my 2017.

I want space. For what?

Space for family.
Space for creativity.
Space for play.

These I know for sure. There will be more, too, but today – I wanted space for STRENGTH.

Instead of diving right in to my to-do list this morning, I wanted to put my foot down (literally, on the pavement and off to the gym) and make time to feel STRONG.

After spending so long wrestling with *mental* resistance, I’ve decided it’s time to show *physical* resistance who’s boss.

#spoileralert: It’s me.

My legs may feel like jello today, sore tomorrow, BUT(T) hey – what a blessing to have a body that works for me, right?

What makes YOU feel strong?
How can you create more space for that?

If you want to say it “out loud” here on Facebook, I’m all ears. Eyes. You get what I mean.

I’ll meet you there.