Who cares?

Have you ever asked that before posting / sharing something?

After dropping my boys off at school(s) this morning, I climbed back into the car, pulled out my phone, opened my Instagram app (because I recently deleted FB from my phone + the Universe abhors a vacuum ;)) and wondered:

Who actually cares if I post a story to Instagram?

The communication nerd in me is fascinated to study / learn how and why people use these new features of Insta + FB to connect.

So I decided to ask those brave souls who happened to tap + watch my story:

What do you use stories for?

Why do you watch ’em?

If you watch them, do you leave comments – why or why not?

If you post them, what do you do with the knowledge that X number of people watched them?


If you’re like me, you can easily slip into the “who cares?” mindset and keep yourself on mute (no coincidence I’ve talked about that a lot this year).

Truth is, the answer is always: SOMEONE.

Someone actually cares.

Whether that someone comments or not, whether that someone is YOU (as I talk about in my most recent podcast episode) – someone cares about you speaking up and sharing what’s on your heart and mind today.

Don’t believe me?

Here are just a few comments that landed in my Insta-inbox this morning after launching my informal story-study:

“Love your insights! Just so you know, I listen to everything and had to message you ;)”

“I love watching your updates. I like the randomness :)”

“THAT is why I like stories…because for most ppl it IS random and I love that real-ness”

“I love insta stories because I feel like I get to know someone a little better. I don’t feel so alone on the entrepreneur journey…”

^^^ Wow. Isn’t that kind of EVERYTHING?

We want real. We want connection. We want to peek inside the figurative refrigerators of our buddies + online friendtors and know we’re not alone.

(Got the fridge analogy from Kate Potts, who I met via Insta-comments this morning, BTW ;))

The point is: WE CARE.

You may think your life is boring, not snazzy or polished enough, etc. but the beauty of “livestreamy” communication is that your real, unpolished, this-is-how-I-roam-the-planet self is EXACTLY who your dreamies can trust + relate to.

So yeah.

Someone cares, and you’re valuable + interesting just as you are.

Keep sharing.

P.S. If you want a little more help in the sharing your real voice online department, I’ve created three new workshops to help you out with that: Dreamails, Social Studies, and Word Pickles. They’re like A Course About Copy®’s cute younger sisters.

You could also follow me on Instagram to see what true non-strategic communication looks like in the wild. I’d love to see YOUR comments in my inbox :)