What’s right (for now)?

To the stay at home mom who realizes she actually DOESN’T want to delegate childcare because (challenging as it is!) she genuinely treasures this season of being available for the kiddo(s):

That aha is PRICELESS. When you know you’re not willing to compromise time with kiddos for biz progress then you won’t have to feel guilty for not being further along in biz.

You’re right where you want to be and that’s the most powerful position to be in ❤️

That said – it’s just a matter of managing your own expectations and not forgetting that what you value most is time with kiddos right now and that’s 100% perf!

If and when you want to spend more time on biz, you just link it to how it *benefits* the kiddos (ex *I* spent a LOT of time working on biz in those early years and BECAUSE I did, these boys have their daddy home just about every day, I needed that adult interaction, feedback, and mental challenge outside of the challenges of mom life so my biz filled those gaps, etc.).

If you’re working around unpredictable nap times or rest times then you’ll want to either offer asynchronous coaching (ie prerecorded then you can comment / engage throughout the day, or Voxer coaching when they know they can expect responses from you) OR you need to make it crystal clear that you’re working around your fam time and sometimes things will shift (kiddo doesn’t go to sleep on time, wakes up early, home sick, etc).

Otherwise you’ll wind up frustrated with the kids for not performing like robots and / or the clients for not understanding.

The inverse is true for those who want to spend MORE time working.

I’ve been both. I am both! And I’m aware it’s a huge privilege to have the choice.

I genuinely believe the greatest contribution we can make – in our homes, in our careers, in our WORLD – is to be super honest about who we are and what we TRULY want, then take imperfect yet aligned action to bring that vision to life.

In other words: You can’t mess this up, mom. Trust yourself to know what’s right for NOW and to shift if and as needed.

Cheering you on from here. ❤️