What is time, anyway?

Confession: I made a personal top nine of 2017 before New Year’s and never shared it. Then I kept *not sharing it, as if the chronological photo police would catch me + make me take it down. 😂 

I mean WHAT IS TIME, anyway? 

And have you ever not shared something that matters to you because it feels like your statute of memory limitations has passed?

(IT HASN’T. Share on. Even and especially on days that don’t start with T or F.)

So. Now. invite you to behold — my 2017 in nine tiny squares. 

We said aloha to a decade of life in Hawaii, kicked off our new Texas chapter with a fierce tropical initiation, and welcomed a whole lot of clarity in the form of contrast, contrast, and more contrast.

I love you AND I don’t miss you, 2017.

Thanks for the lessons and the stepping stones that brought us to NOW. ❤️