What hobbies?

What do you do for fun (that has nothing to do with business)?

Genuine Q. Come over to Insta and let me know. I’m researching ;)

This Q is inspired by this week’s podcast convo with special guest Reina Pomeroy. We cover all kinds of life + biz goodness – from why she left her career in social work to support creative entrepreneurs, to how she intentionally created new hobbies when she realized that, well, she had none. << RELATABLE.

We talk about how working fewer hours has been exactly what she needs in this season of life, how she’s read over 130 (!) books in 2018, and a fun sneak peek at a big (totally not biz-related) goal she has for 2019.

If you could use more trust + more FUN in your life, I think you’ll love this one :)

Tune in here and tag us on Instagram @reinaandcompany @nikkielledgebrown with your fave takeaways!

Also worth noting: While creating the show notes for Reina’s ep I dug up the link to our first recorded convo. It was 2017 when we first “met” on HER previous podcast, Creative Empire.

I had forgotten what we talked about but still remember feeling that it was one of my favorite podcast interviews to date.

I relistened yesterday out of nostalgic curiosity and can officially say that almost two years later – still true. It’s like a time capsule. <3

You can find both conversations linked right here in the show notes.

Meet you there!


P.S. Don’t forget to click over to Insta and tell me what your fave non-biz hobby is right now (if you’ve got one)… bonus points if you also share why / how you got into it.