What do you wanna know about writing “about copy”?

What do you wanna know about writing about copy

Whoa nelly.

Seriously in awe of the reaction to last week’s post, The *One* Sentence That Will Change Your (Copywriting) Life. Safe to say that baby brought in the most daily traffic this site has EVER seen (…in the whole 2.5 months of its existence).

But I’m not in awe over the traffic; I’m in awe over the comments. Under the post, on Facebook, on Twitter, via email…so many of my fabulous readers took INSTANT action and got INSTANT results. (And that made my teacher heart VERY happy.)

Clearly, you’ve got questions.

My biz may be young, but it didn’t take me long to notice a trend in the questions I get asked on a daily basis – through email, social media, and one-on-one style sessions. They all relate to what I call “about copy” – writing about yourself or about your business.

Any of these look familiar?

  • What’s the most important thing to include about my about page?
  • On that note…how the hey am I supposed to ORGANIZE my about page?!
  • What’s the best way to come up with a sweet tagline (or three)?
  • How do I write a bio that stands out from the (embarrassingly boring) pack?
  • I love “Communication Stylist.” How do I come up with a title like that?
  • How do I style that ONE sentence so people will be begging to work with me?!

Thankfully, I’ve got answers.

I’ve been sharing them with my dream clients for months, but it’s time to share them with YOU!

I’m now busy creating my first online course for entrepreneurs (as opposed to college students). Why? Because together we can save the online world from TMI + boring bios, one about page at a time. (Tweet that!)

Truly – this course will cover everything YOU want to know about…about copy. And I’m not going to release it until I’m crazy confident you’re gonna love it. It’s gotta be fun, engaging, and most importantly: USEFUL.

(That’s where you come in!)

What else do you wanna know?

In order to make sure this content is as ridiculously helpful as possible for you, I need to know what you don’t know.

Please use the form below to tell me what Qs and concerns you have when it comes to writing bios, taglines, titles, about pages…anything related to “about copy.” Also – share the link to this post on FB, tweet about it, and send it out via smoke signal. The more input we have, the better this course will be!

THENNN: If you’d like inside access, updates, and exclusive VIP offers when this baby’s ready to roll, check the box below to join “The Inner Circle.” (NOTE: Even if you’re on my VIP list, you’ve gotta check this box to join. This is a totally new crowd.)

Join The Inner Circle to stay updated!

****2014 UPDATE: Form closed, because A Course About Copy is real and ready for you :)****

P.S. Wanna know 7 steps to creating a successful online course? (That’s a YES.) Check out this cheat sheet by David Siteman Garland (from The Rise to the Top). I signed up for CAOC back in 2013 and almost instantly joined the party as a proud affiliate. It’s that good. Click here to access David’s best tips, then come create an awesome online course with me!!



  1. Teri

    Hi Nikki, Thanks for asking!
    1. Its my understanding that my About page has about 3 seconds to tell a visitor that they are in the right place, so clearly stating what I will do for them is super important. So, my biggest issue is “how” to spell that out, short, sweet, and simple. You’re last weeks blog gave me a great tool to use for that… BUT is this what I want to start my About page with?
    2. What to include, how to say it, how short it should be, what my window of opportunity is for my readers time.

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