We’re doin’ alright, moms.


Had a delightfully productive day over here (check iTunes for evidence).

I got *almost* all of my top three things done before my 6 yo came home from school, but by the time the car pulled into the driveway, I still had a few loose ends to tie up.

I *almost* let mom guilt take over (feeling like a jerk for not answering the door with a plate of fresh baked cookies and an activity calendar ready, maybe?).

But THENNNN I remembered – all we need is love. 

And this dude doesn’t track my love with a time clock.

He just wants to know I’m excited to see him when he gets home.

And I am.


When he walked to the door, I turned towards him, gave him appx. 50 cheek smooches and a big hug, and asked how his day was.

It was all he could do to wrangle out of my grip to grab a stack of teeny purple post-its from my desktop and write. this. love note.


Are you kidding me?

I mean…once or twice upon a time he also wrote me a do-not-love note but that’s a different post for a different day because my POINT TODAY IS:

We’re doing alright, moms.

Quantity is great. I am ridiculously thankful to have the flexibility to work from home (even though it drives me nuts sometimes). But after this exchange I felt pulled to remind you / us that QUALITY weighs more.

Just ONE moment of pure love, attention, and connection can fill their cups for the whole day.

Ours too. ☕️🥂🥤🍹🥛🍷

Next time you’ve got a chance to let your face light up at the sight of one of your fave humans walking into the room, TAKE IT.

Be in it and let that magic happen.

Then, once you’re hiding in the bathroom and scrolling Insta again, make a point to come back to tell me about it. 😜😘