We’re all needed.

Just read an email from an author who’s stuck in the space between wanting to share her message *and* wondering if the world would be better off if people listened more than they talked.
It’s a pickle. And I get it.
I’ve definitely been in this place of thinking “why add more noise?” yet simultaneously knowing I have a role to play in this lifetime (or else I wouldn’t be here).
What helps (in my most present moments, anyway) is to realize that I don’t think my voice is any more or less important than others’.
We’re all needed.
What if the only people speaking up have the exact OPPOSITE perspective as you?
What if no one who connects with YOUR story and background deems themselves worthy of airtime?
Your spark could inspire their spark.
Your thinking could shift THEIR thinking.
You sharing your life could change theirs… in a squillion different ways.
I’m not suggesting we speak MORE than we listen.
But there’s a space and place in this world that only you can fill.
We’re all needed.
If you’re up for it, join me on Insta today and tag a friend or mentor whose voice + perspective has made a meaningful difference to YOU. (You’ll find three of my faves tagged right here in this pic.)
Consider it a simple way to practice using your voice today.