We’re after a feeling.

We’re always + only + ever going after a FEELING.

A couple weeks ago (or was it last week?) B wrote me a love note on a tiny purple post-it.

As a result, I flipped out with hugs and aws and gratitude for the sweet gesture, took a pic, and shared it here with YOU in a post that starts with “We’re doing alright, moms.” ….and we are :)

After school yesterday he came into my office, chatted for a bit, then left and came back to stick this gem on the table.

Sidenote: he made it with a label maker we’ve had since I was in elementary school. He found it in my boxes at my parents’ house last summer. Proof my love of school and office supplies runs deep and transcends generations.

Here’s what I what I want to note about this micro-moment in time:

I didn’t *ask* B to write me a love note (like I would shamelessly do on my birthday, mother’s day, etc.)

He was INSPIRED to because of the FEELING he experienced last time he did it (loved, appreciated, celebrated, proud).

My Q for you / me today:

What makes YOU feel loved, appreciated, celebrated, proud, strong, sexy, smart, [insert desirable adjective here]?

Are you doing those things?

If you find yourself getting tripped up on the PROCESS of the doing (and thus, resisting the eff out of it), keep your eyes on the prize — the feeling you’ll experience once you’ve DONE the thing.


Instead of thinking, “ack I have to write that email today,” remember how amazing it FEELS to share what’s on your heart + mind with your corner of the internet.

Instead of thinking, “mannnn I don’t wanna work out today,” remember how proud of yourself you FEEL when you push through physical resistance and remember what your body is capable of.

I saw a recent post from @glennondoyle talking about how she doesn’t love writing – she loves having WRITTEN.

And it’s so true.

We’re chasing the FEELING we get once we’ve done the thing.

So that’s the challenge. For any given task – get clear on what you’re REALLY after (the feeling) and set your sights on that.

Once you do that, the I-don’t-wanna style resistance won’t stand a chance. 💥