Welcome to my digi-home! (Start here.)

Sign the guest bookToday’s the DAY, friend!

On behalf of the team of superstars who made this project possible, I’d like to – okay LOVE to – say:

WELCOME to my new digi-home!(!!)

I can’t believe you’re actually here.

This premiere has been a lonnnng time coming.

I’m SURE you want to click around and explore (it’s like a candy store, for Pete’s), but while I’ve got you here, I’d love to take a minute and explain my intention with this new space.


If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you remember when I first acknowledged my entrepreneurial muffin top in 2013. (My figurative brand pants were too tight. Funny – since there’s not a pair of trousers to be SEEN over here ;))

When I started my business in April 2013, I unintentionally painted myself into a (copy) corner. My first “real” offer unexpectedly led to six straight months of one-on-ones for one VERY specific focus: writing for entrepreneurs.

Don’t get me wrong: I was – and am – super-thankful I could hit the ground running like that. But by the fall, I wanted to make sure you (and everyone else) knew that building a super-niched business focused only on writing was never my intention.

In my dreamiest of dreams, I can build a business – visually, conceptually, and otherwise – that represents the FULL scale of what I’d love to explore, teach, and share:



So that’s the plan here. We’re branchin’ out.

(Okay. Really I’ve been talking about life and behind-the-scenes business stuff all along…but now my home page officially acknowledges it.)

Specifically, I want to speak more directly to my fellow mamas.

Once upon a time I wondered if the big vision was a mom blog…but that didn’t feel right (because it excluded the communication piece).

A year ago the focus was ALL writing + business, which didn’t feel right either (because it excluded the mom piece).

I struggled to figure out a sensical way to merge the two worlds.

In retrospect I see WHY I couldn’t crack the code: I didn’t have experience playing both roles! I couldn’t connect the dots. But now I do, and I can.

And I’m ready to share what I’m learning on all fronts.

So whether you’re a mom or a dude, whether we’re talking about changing websites or changing preschools, writing about pages or writing Christmas cards (which I totally skipped last year, BTW)….

Know that this is a space for us to share, learn and have some FUN.

It’s also a place to be inspired.

(I don’t know about you, but seeing myself all dressed up actually motivates me put on real pants even if I’m not leaving the house. Sometimes.)


There is SO. MUCH. I’d love to share with you about this whole journey – lessons learned, funny behind-the-scenes stories, what this change means for my business (and YOURS) moving forward – but we’ve got plenty of time to get into all that.

Today I just invite you to explore.

Click, click, and click some more. Go wherever your eyes may lead you :)


When you’ve had a few to take it all in, I would LOVE it if you’d sign the guest book (leave a comment) below to tell me what you think.

For BONUS points: Bust out your phone to record a short video telling me which page is your FAVE and WHY. Then post it to my FB wall or via Twitter @nikkielledge using #newbrandpants as the secret password, and let’s get this launch party started!

Seriously can’t wait to hear what you think about all this, friend.

I’m really hopeful about what’s next for us here :)

To pencils and pineapples,





    1. Shalon

      Congratulations, Nathalie! GORGEOUS job!

  1. Ruthie

    Congrats Nikki! Everything looks amazing and so impressive. Wear your new brand pants well!!

  2. Carla D

    Look’n FAB!! LOVED the landing page – so very happy for you Nikki :)

  3. Chiquandra

    Nikki, your new site is perfectly YOU. Your personality shines through on every page and it is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for inspiring us to be ourSELVES in the digi-world. Great job :-)

  4. Jadah Sellner

    I am beyond excited to see your #newbrandpants! The work you do in this world is amazing, and I know you’re just getting started. Sending you the biggest hugs full of aloha. Your site is just as beautiful as your heart.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hugs right back, beautiful friend! And a HUGE mahalo too :)

  5. Allison Dailey

    Congrats, love the new site- well done! It’s fun, honest and purely Nikki :)

  6. Vvienne

    WELL DONE!!! The site looks fantastic! Fun. Original. Engaging and well, YOU! :)

  7. Holly Sugrue Gillen

    Love this!! Fantastic job! Best of luck with all your future endeavors. Here is my virtual site-warming gift. It’s a big high-five.

  8. Lisa O’Brien

    Stunning beyond words, except that instead of giving me a horrendous case of comparisonitis…it makes me want to hang with you more. It captures the essence, fun factor, faith, and brilliance of you.


    ditto Nathalie

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      What a BEAUTIFUL compliment, Lisa. Thank you so much :)

  9. Shannon

    Nikki – it is LOVELY and eye-catching and creative and expressive… I LOVE it! (and, btw, you look fabbbbbulous!)

    Congratulations – it’s fun to see you keep shining even more brightly!

    :) Shannon

  10. Melanie

    Hey Nikki love your website its very eye catching and speaking from a woman’s point of view I love the home page where you are holding two hangers up and use the play on words about being a wordrobe expert. Lots of women will be able to relate to this we spend hours trying to choose an outfit and its the same with how do we word an article correctly. It does its job as people know why they have landed on your page and what help they can get. No wonder you love it its stylish and clever!

  11. Melanie


    One of my favorite websites ever…well done NEB and team.

  12. Tanya

    Well this was worth the wait! It’s perfectly styled and your voice comes through loud and clear. Absolutely gorgeous, creative and all around awesome. Congrats.

  13. Sarah Ancalmo

    Woooooohoooooo! It’s aliiiive! :-)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Just got a visual for a couples Halloween costume we could do….

  14. Julianne

    LOVE the new site Nikki!

  15. Mickey

    Well, you really know how to build anticipation (maybe write a course about that).

    Your new site looks great!

  16. Rebecca Tham

    Woah! Can I say Va-va-voom!
    You and your team have done an awesome AWESOME job on your new brand pants, way to go :)

  17. Lillian

    STUNNING! I love it. You and your team did a fantastic job. Congrats Nikki!

  18. Jenna Dalton

    Big Congrats, Nikki! I’m so excited/happy for you!

    I can’t wait to see your dreams continue to unfold and grow. Cheers to big things to come! :)

  19. Hannah Ransom

    It looks amazing! Great job.

  20. Shalon

    THAT is how it’s done. Smart, authentic, and gorgeous in every way! Well done, my friend! CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, lovely! Here’s to the blog candy store :)

  21. Pam

    Beautiful new digi-home, Nikki. So glad to be on this journey with you. Go ACAC Founding Class!!!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Woop woop! Honored to HAVE you on this journey with me, lady. Gorgeous pic, BTW!

  22. Susan

    Oh, Nikki…..this is such a beautiful new digi-home! Congratulations! Love your new pics and watching all your amazing growth and success and just everything…so happy for you!

  23. Darcy

    Gooooo Nikki! So far I particularly love the simple (communication) style of your homepage – from that sea-foamy background color to your one-of-a-kind couture… Not to mention that dangling question mark! I’m still exploring and am sure to have more faves along the way:)

  24. Liss

    I am super excited for you and your new site. I am even more excited to be taking your free class. I can’t wait to see what else you will be offering.

  25. Kait


    I knew it would be good, but MAN, this is an intoxicatingly beautiful website. It’s oozing with excitement, clear pictures, full but not at all cluttered. It makes me want to explore every inch.

    Oh so good.

    And I love the pineapple themed testimonial page too! :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Intoxicatingly beautiful…we’ll TAKE it! Thanks so much, Kait :)

  26. Amanda Johnson


    New site is looking awesome – well done.

    Can’t wait to see more of your great content.


  27. Audria Richmond

    Your WEBSITE is AMAZING!!!! You ROCK! Great Photography!!!

  28. Tonia Winchester


    BEAUTIFUL!!! So much love for you darling. Loving it!

  29. Mike Loomis

    WOW – way to go BOLD! Well done!

  30. Jackie

    Nikki, It is stunning. Every click was an eyeful of delight. It really captures your bright energy! I love it! Definitely an inspiration to entrepreneurial mamas (of business babies and real babies) everywhere!

  31. Jan

    Your site looks AMAZING! I LOVE your photos!

  32. Sarah McKay

    Completely gorgeous – and I expected nothing less from you :) Congratulations!!

  33. joanna

    Congratulations on the website, Nikki! It’s a delight to see it… to read it.

  34. Rocky Callen

    Oh, Nikki. When I heard you were re-doing your website, I thought…OH NO! It is so pretty! But, um, yeah…this is SPECTACULAR! I am in love with every bit of it! Gorgeous design, styling, photos, copy! I am also super happy that I visited this post. I was hit to the heart with your shout-out to mamas. I am a momma/entrepreneur who has been a behavioral therapist for 10 years and now am stepping into a coaching practice that helps mommas/wifeys amp up the sass, sex, and soul in their lives. I would love to work with you one day!! Thanks for your inspiring story <3

  35. Lane

    Congrats Nikki! This was definitely worth the build up!

    I love that you’re going to be talking more about mamahood and running a biz as that’s totally my jam. Looking forward to it.

    I love the different colors around your site – it makes each page it’s own fresh destination, yet it all ties together.

    I think my favorite page is “My Faves” – I love that picture with the letters flying out – so cool! And pink is definitely your color.

    Congratulations on your new digi-digs. If there was an Better Homes & Gardens for websites, you’d totally be on the cover. :)


    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! That is AWESOME, Lane. I gotta make sure Sarah sees it ;)

      Thank you!

  36. Laura

    Ah-Ma-Zing! I loooovee the new site. It’s super chic and a brilliant concept! Congrats on all your success :)

  37. Kristen

    Nikki!!! I’ve yet to have website envy….and then….I opened this stunningly gorgeous web home of yours and was gleefully jealous! This site is beautiful, full of personality, and a place I would definitely want to stay + play within. Congratulations to you!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Stay as long as you’d like, Kristen! Click around like you own the place ;)

  38. Shara

    Wow!!!! I was speechless for a few moments, which doesn’t happen very often. Way to go on creating your brilliantly beautiful new brand! Congratulations to you and your amazing team!!!

  39. Rebekah Allan

    This. Site. Rocks. Something I have never seen before, while being so you. I have been a bit of a stalker since the beginning of B-School (this year) and go HEAPS of value from how to Write an About Page. Thank you and Congratulations :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Stalk any time, Rebekah. I appreciate the support and am so happy you’ve gotten value from the ol ‘recipe ;)

  40. Wendy

    i came to your site via your video with Carrie.

    Your website is beautiful and perfect branding for the work you do.

  41. Mayan Tran

    Your site looks fabulous!! The branding, the content, your pictures, everything looks polished and amazing! I think my site wants to be like yours when it grows up :) Congrats on your success! I’m looking forward to seeing and learning more.

  42. Amber Williford

    Your new site looks ABSOLUTELY fabulous! Congrats to you! I can’t wait to see where your new brand pants take you this year. You have been such an inspiration to me not just on the business side, which has blown me away, but also with sharing your faith openly. You rock girly!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks so much, Amber! Happy to have you along for the ride :)

  43. berrnadette penotti

    Hello Nikki!
    Enjoying your new site here again- just wondrous!!!
    Meantime I hope your call today is recorded! I tried everything to get on there, but alas couldn’t access it. (Am a Spreecast member w updated servers, Chrome, et al so not sure what happened.)

    All my best to you and happy peaceful weekend!

  44. Pamela Atkins

    Nikki, when I clicked on the email link & came to your newly branded site, I was stunned (in a good way). It’s absolutely gorgeous. The colors, design, you all POP off the page. It’s a fabulous combination of class and vibrancy at the same time. I was so inspired by your site, I found myself thinking about how to express my message, when I start working on my next website. So, thank you and congratulations. The build up was definitely Worth It!

  45. Kimberly

    Lookin good, Nikki! I love how clean and organized your digi-space is. You’re an inspiration, for sure!

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