We can talk every morning.

When you think he’s stalling, but he’s actually in deep (super precious) thought… 💞💞💞

Tonight, after B (finally 😩) finished his shower and put on his jammies, he snuggled up like he had something to tell me.

🤔 “I forgot what I was gonna say…”

😏 “Go brush your teeth + you’ll remember.”

🤔”Oh! I remember. Wait. What was it?”

😑 “Dude. Go brush your teeth + it’ll come to you when you’re not trying.”

🤗 “No no, I got it I got it.”

😳 “What is it, bud?”

😌 “We can talk every morning. Morning and night. And even some noons…”

😉 “But we already talk every morning and night!”

Then it clicked.

😭 “Do you mean when we don’t live together any more?”

🙃 “Mmhmm.”

😍 “I will ALWAYS love to talk with you every day! That’s a great plan. Were you thinking about this because Nana came over last night to play with you guys while Daddy and I went on our date?”

😚 “Mmhmm.”

🤔 “Want me to come babysit YOUR kiddos one day while you go on a date?”

😁 “Yeah!”

Pencil me in for that Tuesday night (+ plenty more) in 2043, buddy. I’ll be there. 😘



I know, I know. You’re welcome for documenting this tonight. 😭

I knew it was a keeper. Don’t forget B insisted that he snap this selfie. After we called for a redo because of a fake smile. 😬

Also remember how magical it is that *JUST TODAY* you read / recorded a voice memo (of that journal entry on your visions for motherhood + these kiddos):

“Even when they’re old enough to leave, they / we design our lifestyles so we can spend a lot of (face)time together and we text / chat daily.”

When you read it out loud you tweaked it to “regularly” because daily felt a bit too specific. But then B proposed three-a-days, so WHO ARE WE TO ARGUE?? 😜

Glad you clicked on this memory today. And please post another to add to the collection ASAP.

It’s our fave use for Facebook. ❤️