Treasuring the Naptimes

Although it was a daily ritual in the early months, I can’t remember the last time this wiggle worm took a nap on me.

Today I was enjoying some quiet “me time” in the backyard when I heard him start crying through the monitor, hours before I expected him to wake up.

Uncensored first thought: 😩😏😕

He was only half awake, not in the mood to chit chat.

Yes or no Qs would light the way.

I offered to hold him and snuggle on the floor by his bed, on B’s bed, even on my bed!

But no. Still fussy. .

Finally I asked if he wanted to snuggle on the couch.


I wasn’t sure if we were just hanging out at first — if he was about to pop his head up and ask to watch some Sofia — but he didn’t.

THAT’S when I realized this was alllllllll an elaborate scheme to give me the sweetest surprise gift he could’ve given me.

I may not have anchored in our last naptime snuggle, but there’s no way I’m forgetting this one.✨😇✨