What Tony Robbins, Sally Hogshead, and I Have in Common (!)

Well THIS was a fun surprise to find in my inbox!

Totally honored / humbled to learn that my 2nd Eofire.com interview is currently listed at lucky number *SEVEN* on a top 10 list featuring big ballers like Sally Hogshead and Tony Robbins.

#funfact: This interview features my first-ever “public” mention of Naptime Empires™ (right around 18:35 in response to the “What are you most fired up about right now?” Q). LOVE.

We recorded it in December 2015 when I was 36.5 weeks preggo with Deke and I *knew* it would launch in January.

This was my subtle way of holding myself accountable to ACTING on Naptime Empires™ in 2016. (Even though it took a few days of 2017 to publish the first episodes ;))

Thank you for inviting me back to the show (+ including me here), JLD + Kate, and THANK YOU, Tree, for bringing it to my attention via email!

Check out the current top 10 list (+ the squillions of inspiring EoFire episodes) here: