This life is precious.

This life is precious.

Last night I learned that a fellow TCU alum (who I had the sincere pleasure of “teaching” as a grad student) passed after a long journey with brain cancer.

We say this a lot, don’t we?… but she really was a pure spark — her light was a genuine encouragement to just about everyone who crossed her path.

Her life on earth exemplifies that quote “it’s not about the years in the life, but the life in the years.” (Or something.)

Her life has me reflecting on my own today, which prompted me to invite you to do the same.

If you were to flash forward to your own memorial service — or, say, your FB wall in the days following your transition — what would you want your loved ones to say about how you showed up in your life? For your family, for your friends, for your dreams, for you?

The natural follow up Q there:

What will you do today to embody THAT version of you?

Maybe it’s setting the phone down and paying extra attention to your kiddos.

Maybe it’s checking in with a friend who’s been on your heart.

Maybe — just MAYBE — it’s putting pen to paper to share what’s on your heart and mind (say, in the form of your first book?).

Whatever it is that just popped into your brain, no matter how silly, insignificant, big, or bold it may seem…

Do the dang thing, friend.

You deserve to live that “someday” life today. This life is precious. ❤️