The rush is optional.

There’s something new I’ve been dreaming up for a while now.

It’s not ready for sharing JUST yet. (Almost!)
While I’ve been WILDLY tempted to just blurt it out via hashtag, livestream, or interview over the past few months, I’m holding on to it for just a little bit longer.
I’ve got some loops to close and some space to clear first.
Big, meaningful open loops.
In my business, in my home, in my relationships.
And so that’s how I’m spending my December (and the start of the new year, too):
Closing loops and creating space WHILE also letting this *something* develop in perfect time.
I’m sharing this with you today in case you’re feeling a bit spinny from the collective RUSH to be / do / have it all RIGHT NOW.
If spending the next few weeks sprinting and scrambling to create or launch something before the clock strikes 2020 inspires you, DO IT. Have fun and don’t forget to hydrate.
But IF, instead, you’re feeling a call to slow down, to go INWARD (into your journal, your attic, your Dropbox), I’m here to say: Trust the nudge.
You can’t go wrong when you tune out the hype, tune in to YOU, and take some time to honor the perfect mess of a journey that got you to THIS very moment in time and space.
The rush is optional. And that *something*…. it’s totally worth the wait.