Supporting Local Businesses

I got a massage this afternoon.

While enjoying the relaxation of said massage, I felt a bit spoiled. Like — really Nik?

You dropped your kiddos off at school, met with your (amazing / new) personal trainer, had a call with your brilliant friend you’ve hired to support you in biz *while a team of three lovely humans cleaned your house* and now YOU need a break?

That was the mean girl voice.

The wise woman voice quickly stepped up to say “YES. Isn’t it SWEET to be able to support my fellow small business owners (most local, women, moms) in this way?”.

The owner of Dekie’s preschool.

My trainer (who I can’t help but spill online business ideas to ;)).

My friend and accountability buddy helping me through my season of focus.

The veteran who just started her cleaning company.

The masseuse who has the overhead of a physical storefront.

Those are just some of the transactions I’ve made today.

What’s my point here?


Small biz helps the world go round.

And whether it’s cash, card, check, or wire, money is a TOOL — a ticket or a key that unlocks a mutually beneficial value exchange.

No more, no less.

Money comes in, and money goes out.

We don’t have to feel weird about it.

We can choose to feel REALLY GOOD about it.

In the comments here, tell me: What’s one of your fave local business to support and why?

I’d love to hear who’s making YOUR world go round. 🌎🌍🌏