Summer School is in SESSION. (And you’re invited!)

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BIG day ’round these parts, amigo.

If you’re already on my VIP list, you know that recently – after a strike of post-vacation inspiration – I dreamt up up a fun experiment.

It’s a brand new, limited time, totally FREE private Facebook group called ACAC Summer School, and it’s open NOW.



Great Q. I’m opening it up for two main reasons:

  1. To give you huge value via a carefully curated set of quick video lessons + assignments, sneak peeks of never-before-seen ACAC content, and the opportunity to swap copy feedback with over 3,600 fabulous entrepreneurs in my ACAC Inner Circle. (Okay – that’s assuming everybody opens their emails + clicks to join the FB group. Let’s think big ;))
  2. Selfishly….To give me a hyper-boost of inspiration while I finish preparing ACAC 2.0 for this grand opening. It is SO much more fun to do the work when I know who I’m creating for! I’m literally going to keep a chalkboard-style list of the folks who have been waiting ever so patiently for me to get this thing ready. I heart my ACAC fam!

If we do this right (and we will), by the end of Summer School, you’ll know everrrrything you need to know to make the right decision for YOU come back-to-ACAC time in August ;) 

You’ll also have more than a month of behind-the-scenes scoop on my course creation + (what will likely be a six-figure) launch process, if that’s something you’re looking to do in the near or distant future. BONUS! 

So that’s the plan.



Click right here to get your personalized invite.

Once you click the link in your welcome email, I’ll happily approve you ASAP (because I’m ridiculously excited to see + interact with FACES as opposed to just email addresses). Nothing like connecting in almost real-time.

Once you’re in, be sure to check out my housekeeping posts, especially the one pinned to the top. (That’s where you’ll always find the most important post o’ the day.)

Each of your five (brand new) mini-lessons will be ready at the start of each week, so you can expect to hear from me every Monday with a reminder to head on over to class.

Here at my desk I’ve got a printed out ‘n’ scribbled on lesson plan filled with quick tips, helpful resources, and discussion Qs to get your copy gears turning alllll month long. I’ve also got an endless supply of behind-the-ACAsCenes excitement and a few cheesy delightful get-to-know you games up my sleeve. Yep.

This is gonna be lovely. And productive. At the very least, I bet you’ll make some new friends. The quality of folks in my digi-space is SUPERB (hello, YOU!), so this group will be flipping spectacular. (And I have a hunch it’s gonna grow pretty quickly.)

Ready to check it out and meet your classmates?

Click here to join ACAC Summer School riiiiiiiight…NOW.

Can’t wait to see you in class!

To a beautiful weekend and a Monday to look forward to,


P.S. In the mood for some extra credit?
Click ‘n’ share THIS link to invite your FB buds and/orrrr….
Click HERE to invite your Twitter crew. The more, the merrier!



  1. Marny

    Hooray! I’m a fashion copywriter who works with major surf clothing companies. In addition to branding, I write hundreds of product descriptions each month. Now I’m ready to teach others how to write kick ass copy. I can’t wait to see what ACAC has in store for me!

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