Success without sacrifice: Is it possible?

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It’s no secret…

It’s been a while since I published a new blog post.

(And if you hadn’t even noticed, #oops. Glad it’s out in the open now.)

Truth is – even though I’m not in a blog-createy headspace of late – I genuinely appreciate this opportunity to stay connected with you here each week, (hopefully!) adding value in some way.

Sometimes it’s an older post with a new note.
Sometimes it’s NO post – just the note.
Sometimes it’s someone else’s post entirely.

Like today.

If you haven’t met Jenny Shih, please allow me to introduce you.

(I love getting to introduce my friends to each other :))

I first came across Jenny three years ago when I was exploring the idea of starting a business.

I was tempted to freak out and overanalyze everything (kind of like I’m doing over here lately), and it was Jenny’s refreshingly no-nonsense approach to business advice that helped snap me back into reality of progress over perfection.

Over the months and years we became biz buddies – even meeting up for lunch (at one of my fave Oahu spots, Aloha Salad) when she and her husband visited Hawaii in 2014!

When you click the link below you’ll find a wealth of helpful business tips, insights, and resources, but it’s Jenny’s latest post that I really feel called to share this week.

It’s a deeply personal post about her journey of the past four years – growing her business even when her health was declining. This line toward the end really struck a chord with me:

You can’t have everything all the time, but when you’re laser focused on what matters most, you absolutely can have that.

I’ve been doing a lot of introspection lately (as you may be able to tell from these recent emails), and Jenny’s mantra of “success without sacrifice” really hits home:

“You may be facing your own big challenge, one that makes you doubt if you can really make your business work, especially if you don’t have all the of time, energy, or money you think you need to make it happen.

It’s easy to allow our circumstances or the voices in our heads to convince us that we’ll be stuck with this challenge forever. But doing that means we will be stuck forever! So we have to find a way to keep going.

Here’s how, even at my sickest, I did exactly that.

If the idea of success without sacrifice (or, as Chalene Johnson calls it – “smart success”) resonates with you, I hope you’ll click that purple link.

As I look back with hindsight on how I’ve handled my life for the past three years, I can tell you – this is a topic that is TOP of mind for me lately.

So that’s your homework this week, should you choose to accept it:

Check out Jenny’s story of success without sacrifice – then leave a comment with your fave takeaway.

(I’ll scan through the comments too, so if you “tag” me in, I’ll be sure to jump in and reply :))

To the beauty of vulnerability + the power of lessons learned,