Somewhere over the rainbow

I have three glorious hours to soak up Oahu cooties before heading to the Big Island for this week’s adventure.

Currently sitting on a bench outside of G1 soaking up the breeze and the ridiculously perfect temperature here in the shade.

I can see those beautiful green mountains (my fave!) and the hospital where I birthed my babies (it’s huge, pink, and hard to miss) and to be honest, I really need to pee but I just can’t move yet. I knew I would miss this place when we moved last year, but I couldn’t have imagined just how much.

Fair warning: I will be using my Instastories to bottle up the little things this week — to make a digi-scrapbook for me and my fam.

If you TOO could use some aloha in your life (RHETORICAL IF) — come along with me. 😘🌈