Share what you wanna share.

Musing of the day – inspired by this pic I took in my parents’ yard a few weeks ago: if you have a pic (thought, or memory) you love, and you want to share it just because it’s special to you – DO IT.

Don’t squash your expression in the name of rules we’re collectively making up as we go.

Potential dream clients, friends, colleagues, and supporters who are checking you out on social media want to get to know YOU — your perspective, your values, your stories, your interests.

THAT’S the biggest benefit of this technology – REAL connection. A chance to build + nurture REALationships.

If you’ve been auto-playing by someone else’s rules and feeling blah, bored, or stuck with your shares, consider this a reminder that THIS IS *YOUR* LIFE, BOSS.

Don’t worry about filling the air with words or filtering based on perceived should dos + have tos.

Share what genuinely inspires / delights / riles you up. We wanna see / know YOU when we tap through.

Algorithm tricks may come and go, but when you share this way — your point of view will last forever.

Slash as long as this app + your profile exist. 😜😘