Let’s Quit Facebook.

Successful Launch

It’ll be FUN!

You and me.

Out in the world this weekend, ENJOYING IT WITH OUR EYEBALLS.

Here’s the backstory:

Last weekend, after months of using it for little more than a paperweight on my nightstand, I cracked open Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

When I started it last year, I couldn’t make it past the first few chapters.

But Saturday night it was calling to me.

(Glad I answered – because I really enjoyed it. Even shared a mini book report on FB live this week!)

The wildest part was that just a few (fresh) pages in, I got this hunch:

Huh. I’m enjoying this SO MUCH! I miss reading. Suddenly, grabbing my phone and mindlessly checking in to all my news feeds feels like a really empty way to spend my time. Perhaps I should quit that.

Right then and there (around 9pm), I challenged myself to go on a Facebook fast….for at least 24 hours.

(You may think that’s easy because I’d be asleep for most of the first 12, but #trueconfession: I actually have a seriously unhealthy habit of checking my phone every time I wake up in the middle of the night to feed or settle Deke. Even 12 hours would’ve been a commitment ;))

When I woke up Sunday morning and checking Facebook wasn’t an option, a whole new world opened up to me.

The one RIGHT in front of me.

It was like I was home from a trip I didn’t know I’d been on.

I instantly decided I wouldn’t check Insta or Twitter either. And I’d extend the challenge from 24 to 36 hours (from Saturday night to Monday morning).


It was almost shocking how engrained the “check this app, that app, this app” habit was.

And yet it was delightfully easy to break.

(For at least 36 hours…on a weekend. I have no plans to ditch it altogether. Just want to be more intentional about how, when, and why I use it.)

During the fast we had an exceptionally lovely Sunday.

We played slip and slide, made meals together, watched movies, I mean hello – I even read an entire BOOK and started another! And none of it had to be documented for Instagram.

As it turns out, Facebook could wait. 

Liberating, I tell you.

Not having social media as an option freed up so much mental white space.

And I loved it.

That’s why this weekend I’m challenging myself to go even LONGER, from Friday night allllll the way to Monday morning.

Wanna join me?

(And by “join me” I actually mean “ignore me + ENJOY your ‘real’ life this weekend.”)

Let me know with an “I’m IN!” in the comments below.

It’s up to you how you do this.

You can go all weekend or start small(er).

You can delete your apps, move ’em to the last screen on your phone, or keep ’em just as they are.

Whatever works.

Just give it a try.

Save those pics for a future #tbt and take social media off the mental table for the weekend.

Watch what unexpected goodness sneaks in to fill its place.

More sleep – snuggles – books – art – phone calls – exercise – meditation – journaling – people-watching – the possibilities are endless.

I’d love to hear what comes up for you.

(On MONDAY, once you’re back on social media. ;))

You’ve got this!

To choosing new reads over news feeds this weekend,




  1. Julie

    Great idea! I always feel so free and have so much more time when I skip Facebook for a day. I should really do it more often – thanks for the reminder!

  2. Mariana

    I was thinking about it last week after I caught myself on facebook for hours! Definitely I’m going to quit facebook for a couple of days. I’m sure it must provide a space for creativity emerge. Great post!

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