“steak and eggs, scotch and water”: A Pearl Harbor Digi-Scrapbook

We just got home from a quick trip to celebrate my Great Aunt Lola’s 99th birthday… what a gift. We’re already making plans to be there with her next year for the big 100 <3

My grandparents passed years ago, so I’ve come to really treasure the moments we get to sit and just BE with Aunt Lola and those from her generation. (I say “sit and just BE” – my boys were doing anything BUT sitting still – “as it should be,” she said ;))

The reflective / integrative mood I mentioned last week is carrying on as I keep going through our books, boxes, and photos over here.

Last weekend I spent hours going through my own pics and videos from my Pearl Harbor / National Park Service days in honor of December 7th and all that its history means to us, as a family, and as humans who can learn from so many of the lessons associated with it.

My Pearl Harbor days and family are a huge part of my life, but I’ve never really shared MUCH about them in my current line of work.

That changes now.

I created a highlight on my Instagram stories so I could share some of my most meaningful lessons (+ photos and videos!) with YOU… including a glimpse of our Sunday (December 8th) FaceTime sesh with my buddy Lou Conter, one of only three USS Arizona survivors still with us today.

Here’s a clip from Good Morning America covering Lou’s life tips (as seen in the title of this post ;)) and his trip to the memorial this past week.

And here’s a glimpse at some of the photos included in my Instastory highlight:
Whether or not you click, I hope you’ll find some value in these Pearl Harbor Day reflections:
  • Whether you’re 9 or 99, life is precious at every age and every stage – and no day is guaranteed. Those who died on December 7th had no reason to expect it would be their last day.
  • For those who are open to it, reconciliation is possible. And healing.
  • Flipside: it’s not our place to judge those who are NOT open to it. We didn’t walk their path.
  • We can’t OVERestimate the power of sharing our stories.
  • Stories can transcend time and space and bring people together. So document them.
  • History books (museums, etc.) are incredibly filtered – and have to be, for practical purposes. Really any time we put words or images to something, we’re limiting it. But still. Actively seek voices and perspectives that are missing for context and a more complete picture.
  • Paychecks of the heart (waking up INSPIRED to do what you do and serve who you serve) can work WONDERS for health and longevity – in your golden years and NOW.
You can find my full Pearl Harbor digi-scrapbook at the top of my Insta profile by clicking here.
Send me a DM if and when you’re tapping through and let me know if you do any research on any of the folks mentioned!
Like Lou – whose documentary is being funded with this Indiegogo campaign, they’ve all got stories online in some form or fashion.
Makes me wonder how future generations will remember us.