How I Landed a Surprise Cameo on OITNB (Without Even Knowing It)

Life is funny. You never know what one YES may lead to.✨

Case in point: Jerm and I just made our Netflix premiere on episode 4 of the third season of Orange is the New Black?! 😂📺🍊

I’ve never actually watched it, which means I could’ve gone my whole life without realizing this fact.

Thankfully I have plenty of FB friends with eyes for detail and skills for screenshots.

To set the scene:

It’s June 2015.

Jeremy was deployed and I was pregnant (random descriptors much), visiting my Great Aunt Ruby and Uncle Roy’s house when my phone started buzzing:


I was totally confused I got back to the Staybridge Suites and busted out the iPad to confirm with my own eyeballs. Only got awkward when I took it to show my mom.

My brain can’t quite process the hilarity + CLARITY of these pics from our episode:

Nikki Elledge Brown on OITNB

I mean of ALL the TV shows that could’ve been playing in the background.

Of all the EPISODES of Buying Hawaii.

Of all the SECONDS in our particular episode.

This isn’t just US from afar – blurry in the distance, only recognizable by dear friend standards.

In a SPLIT second they manage to flash the golden nuggets of our story montage:

our prom night.
our wedding cake smush.

Totally surreal / ridiculous, right??

I have genuinely IDEA how this came about, although I DID just announce I wanted to up my video game to reach more people in the second half of the year.

(Gotta be more specific with my manifesting! ha)

To commemorate the most-random-appearance-of-my-life-to-date occasion, I propose a game:

If you could make an appearance on any TV show of your choice (because HELLO – who’s to say you can’t?!), what would it be?

I’d be down for New Girl. Think Jess’ school needs a fun writing teacher.


#yourturn. Come tell me on Facebook.