Uncommon Success Tips for Entrepreneurs: A Chat with The Conquer Club’s Natalie MacNeil

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Me, March 13, 2013:

“Hi Natalie!

I found you about a month ago and am totally inspired by what you’ve done. Plus, your red hair is gorge. ;)

I’m in the planning stages of my business. My specialty (through experience + a B.A. and M.S.) is in Communication Studies. I want to coach my ideal client on how to woo her dream clients through her authentic presence – online and in person. No fakey pants – no false air of what she thinks she “should” sound like, but the best version of who she really is. A “voice charmer” of sorts.

I’ve been doing this for YEARS with friends and family who need help with their messaging and delivery, and I’ve taught college-level communication (writing and public speaking) for seven years. Still, I haven’t worked with entrepreneurs in this specific fashion yet.

What do you think?”

I was at a fork in the road at the VERY start of my entrepreneurial journey, and this woman’s simple yet thoughtful response changed everything for me.

If you haven’t e-met her yet, it’s an honor for me to introduce you to the fabulous (Emmy Award-winning!) Natalie MacNeil, creator of She Takes on the World.

As you can see above (+ below!) I first met Natalie via the comments of her blog in 2013.

Met her again when the lovely Kristy Oustalet introduced us and I wrote this guest post for STOTW. (My first of one – maybe two? – guest posts to-date!)

In late 2013 we finally connected face-to-digi-face, and it was biz buddy love at first Skype.

Now it’s your turn :)

In this chat, we cover:

  • what an unedited third-trimester pregnancy brain attention getter looks like
  • how Natalie went from prospective circus performer to seven-figure empire builder
  • the power of replying to blog comments (+ the four words that changed everything for me)
  • her top biz lessons from over 10 years of entrepreneurship (that you probably haven’t heard before!)
  • the sneaky (subconscious) sabotage that keeps SO many of us from moving forward (+ how to avoid it)
  • the most valuable investment (of time + money) you can make to get to the next level in your business
  • the scoop on her 12-month business incubator, The Conquer Club (open til Tuesday night!)


Click below to watch (or take a listen):

Click here to watch directly on YouTube.


Click here for full scoop on The Conquer Club 2016.

It sounds markety to say it’s not a course or a program, but it’s really not.

YES you get access to great content via mentors (like me!) each month, but it’s genuinely designed + operated as a biz “incubator” focused on implementation and (unparalleled) personalized support. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen online.

(Plus, the sales page is seriously droolworthy.)


Conquer Club 2016

Take a look, and if it feels like what you want + need to help your business grow in 2016, go for it before doors close Tuesday (11/10)!

ALSO remember if you join via my link, you’ll also get the bonuses of The One Sentence Workbook + a mid-year (small group) check-in call with me in June. #partyyyy


In the video I share that back in early 2013 when my business was still in twinkle-in-my-eye mode, I stumbled upon a video on her blog.

I hadn’t yet offered free sessions, and I was doubting my own credentials (liiiike a 4.0 while earning my master’s degree and just about 2,000 hours of college-level teaching experience).

Should I get a certificate?

Wait til (GASP) everything’s perfect and I know what I’m doing?

I’m so thankful that Natalie made time to reply to my comment below the video, because these four simple words sparked divine inspiration in me:

You are absolutely qualified.

Here’s what little (March ’13) Nikki had to say in response to that (just want to pinch her cheeks!):

Comment 2013 She Takes On the World

And this gem from a few days later (March 16, 2013) – THIS was the true beginning of my “it doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be shared” adventure!

Comment 2013 She Takes on the World no turning back

Shortly after this comment convo, I put myself out there, offered + hosted about two dozen free sessions, and two months later I had a roster of over 90 paying clients signed up to work with me that summer of 2013.

See what a difference an encouraging word (or four) can make?

(And as you’ll see if you join The Conquer Club, she’s full of ’em. ;))

Click here to find the full post (note: there’s at least one f-bomb in the video, so protect little ears if they’re in the room with you!), then search for my name in the comments to find the flashback.

It’s seriously like a time machine.


As I mention in the video, Natalie + I co-hosted a webi-fiesta on her 29th birthday earlier this year (January 2015), called  5 Easy Ways to Guarantee a Great Year.

Natalie Webinar

We talked nitty gritty systems, pricing, getting your first clients, finding mentors + friendtors, our top tips for building momentum and keeping one foot OUT of the internet…you name it.

Here’s a quick look at the specifics we covered:

  • How to decide what you should REALLY focus on in the new year
  • Why planning for the YEAR is exactly what you don’t want to do
  • A few key “starter systems” to create in your biz (allllll Natalie – I’m a young grasshopper when it comes to good systems)
  • How to enjoy LIFE beyond the laptop (+ avoid becoming an entrepreneurial zombie)
  • How to attract an invaluable support network of biz buddies + mentors who believe in you (my biz BFFs are priceless to me!)
While we’re talking in terms of 2015, the tips + ideas we share are just as relevant for the year to come (Sweet ’16, as I like to call it ;)).
Click here to catch the replay AND get a download link for Nat’s guided Soul-Stirring Success meditation.

Have a great day over there!


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  1. Morgan Gist MacDonald

    When Nikki Elledge Brown recommends something worth investing in, I listen! I was waffling on the fence, but after watching this webinar with you and Natalie, I decided to jump on over! Conquer Club, here I come. :)

    1. Natalie MacNeil

      Morgan, I’m so happy to hear that and I’m looking forward to working with you throughout the year! :) And Nikki, the world would totally be missing out had you decided you “weren’t qualified” to pursue that dream. I’m glad you followed your heart, and I feel so blessed to have you in my orbit xoxo

  2. Kristel

    Loved this interview! The “1006 revisions” comment was *priceless*. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who obsesses over my sales pages :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! And if you’re gonna obsess over a page, it’s SMART to obsess over the one that can actually generate revenue for you and help you serve your dreamies :)

  3. Lauren Scalf

    Not only are these great tips – but this is a perfect example of how to connect with influencers. Love it! Thanks Nikki and Natalie!!!

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