Introducing The Naptime Empires™ Podcast: Refreshingly Honest Conversations on the Realities of Parenthood + Entrepreneurship

BIG news today, friend.

You may not have noticed because you’ve got a LOT of exciting stuff going on over there, but I haven’t been around much lately.

Truth be told: It’s because any and all worky / creative / expressive energy I’ve had for the past month or so has gone into prepping for my #naptimeempires podcast premiere – WHICH, to be honest, has been delightfully low key.

WHY am I calling it low key?

Honestly…. because it’s been live on iTunes for two weeks now and I’ve been too scared to share it beyond Facebook. (I’ve been hiding behind the algorithm.)

WHY have I been scared to share it?

Because I don’t wanna exclude any of my “original” dreamies.

And yet I will. I say all the time: write / speak to ONE. The promise of the podcast is “refreshingly honest conversations on the realities of parenthood + entrepreneurship.” Anyone CAN listen to (+ enjoy) it, but not everyone will. While I LOVE dudes (married one, raising two of them), for now, for simplicity and clarity’s sake – I’m speakin’ directly to the ladies about #allthethings: business, kids, relationships, creativity, identity, money, red lips and dance parties … if it relates to this #naptimeempires season of life, it’s fair game.

Because even though it’s “one season”, I don’t know if I can be consistent.

OUCH. Truth. It’s no secret that I’ve struggled to get a weekly blog post or email out for years… and now I’m committing to two podcasts (and show notes, which are basically blog posts) per WEEK?! In short, yep. But if I “mess it up” I’m committed to forgiving myself and reframing (i.e. who cares – my ride-or-die dreamies binge listen on their own timelines anyway!).

Because I have a feeling this is some next level ish.

In recent interviews and conversations with friends I’ve described it like this: A Course About Copy® is a box I accidentally packed myself INTO. Naptime Empires™ is a box I can step up ONTO. I don’t know if it’ll be “my thing” or if it’s just the next right step, but I have a strong feeling that this podcast and whatever comes from it will give the world a better view of ME and give ME a better view of the world.

I meeeean…. I could keep going, but I won’t.

For NOW, as my friendtor Dan Martell says, it’s time to JFDI.


without further ado, allow me to introduce you to:

“Down to earth and hilarious…”

“What EVERY business-building mama needs…”

“Fresh air.”

“Exactly what I hoped it would be.”

“Finally! A podcast that *gets* me.”

“It’s SO nice to know you’re not alone in this beautiful, messy juggle…”


(Kidding. Other people’s moms said all that. Yay!)

Here’s a short snippet from NE 003: On Mom Guilt + Martyrdom (with behind-the-scenes footage from our photo shoot!):


Sound like a conversation you want to be part of?

Perf. Here’s how to get involved + spread the word:


Share this post (or your own) with the entrepreneurial mamas in your life. Tag ’em in the comments, share it in groups (if and where sharing’s allowed), send it via Messenger, post it to your profile and page.


Once you’ve had a listen, leave a rating + review! They take a day or two show up (I see 23 as I’m writing this – wahoooo!), and they help more people find us / know what to expect when they listen. Short ‘n sweet still helps!



If you like what you hear, #subscribe so you don’t miss an ep. The plan for now is to start with two eps a week – one convo, one solo.


One of my favorite things so far (from being secretly live) is seeing / hearing where you are when you listen to the podcast. Whether you’re doing laundry, walking, nursing, (safely) commuting… it’s such an honor to be part of your real life! Take a pic and add the #naptimeempires hashtag so we can see :)


The Naptime Empires™ Playground is my private FB community full of fun(ny), kind, fam-focused entrepreneurs (all ladies at this point because #seeabove), and I am LOV.ING. the vibe in there right now.

If you want deeper conversations, behind-the-scenes scoop, updates, plus stories, insights, and observations I don’t want to publish on iTunes:

Click here to join the group as an NE insider.

WHEW! We did it.

Now that you’re in the loop, I’d say we’ve officially LAUNCHED.

Whether you decide you’re interested in #naptimeempires or NOT, I hope you know how much I appreciate you being HERE.


I’ll sign off with this note I wrote as a review for the show:

This isn’t a how-to podcast.

I feel very strongly that we don’t NEED more information.

What we need right now is more connection.

Hope sprinkled with humor.

Friendly reminders that if we can just take a freakin second to PAUSE, take a breath, and tune in: The answers we need are already inside of us. The next right (baby) step is *always* accessible.

My promise to you (and to ME) is to use this space to share, showcase, and discuss stories, ideas, and insights that support is in this #naptimeempires season of life.

Whatever that ends up meaning, and whether this “season” lasts for three months or three years, I feel SUPER thankful to be able to add my voice to the conversation.

If any or all of that resonates, I hope you’ll join me and add YOUR voice too.

To this season,