My Fave Decision-Making Trick

Decisions, decisions. 🤔

One of my fave ways to break a decision “tie” (what do I want for dinner? which flavor of Spark do I want today? what should we name our firstborn child?) is to have someone I love pretend to pick for me. ☝️✌️

If I’m excited by their pick, I know that’s the right one. If I’m disappointed / feeling my inner rebel rise up, I know it’s not. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Ever tried that? 🤔

You can get the same effect by flipping a coin — choice A is heads, choice B is tails. 💰

Whatever you try, note your bod’s reaction to that result and TRUST IT. ❤️

We sometimes (often?) like to “say” we’re confused or unsure, but in almost all cases, we know. Even if we have to give the truth a little extra time to bubble up, WE KNOW. 💫

Next time you find yourself in an option pickle, give this trick a try. ☝️✌️

If you still feel like you reeeeeally don’t know (I get it, I get it…), remember that:

  1. You have permish to change your mind. 🎟
  2.  Sometimes (and by “sometimes” I mean “pretty much all the times”) even the “wrong” choice ends up being just right.