Move your feet.

WHAT IF…. you finally let GO of needing all the answers first, and trust that they’ll come as you move your feet? 👣

Found this nugget while looking through my notebooks and journals today, collecting inspo for my first draft.

So fitting that I found this playful note of chalky cheer (+ many others like it) on a day I decided to get out of my house and move my dang feet.

If you find yourself spinning and confused, nervous to make a “wrong” move — remind yourself that it’s okay not to know how it’ll all work out.

NOBODY DOES. (That’s kinda the fun of it.)

Take a step — any step! — with an open and curious mind.

Trust you’ll learn exactly what you need to learn in order to take the NEXT step after that.

Because (#spoileralert) …you totally will. ✨