It’s okay to lower the bar.

We can be so freaking hard on ourselves, team. Trying to be do and have it all, like, yesterday. NBD. 🙃

Slowing kids down is not possible, last I checked (😭), so here’s the best approach I’ve found:

Be TRULY honest with what you value most *right now* and either:
1) give yourself permish to slow biz down and / or
2) allow yourself to enlist support in every area possible.

Life is too precious to feel scattered, behind, and overwhelmed every dang day.

My #naptimeempires message in a nutshell:

Lower the barrrrrr lower the barrrrr lower the barrrr 🤸‍♀️ then BY ALL MEANS raise it once you’ve got a grip. 🏋️‍♀️

You’re the boss of your own life.

Own that ish + behave accordingly. 💥

📷: me last night, helping with B’s 100th day of school poster. And by “helping” I mean “being the complete opposite of the ‘let him create! art comes from the heart!’ cool mom I am in my dreams.” 😎