All Because Two People Fell in Love (A Mushy Post.)

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NOTE: This is the most personal post I’ve written here to date…although my first blog was 100% personal (and has plenty of entertaining stories, if I do say so myself). 

I plan to sprinkle in a lot more about LIFE stuff in the months (and years) to come, and today is the perfect day to start.

You see, October 24th is kind of a big deal around here.

It all started with the one back in 1998. (Spoiler alert: Braces were involved. And I’ve got pictures.)

8th Grade DanceOCTOBER 24, 1998

After nearly a month of dear diary anticipation, this really cute boy (who was ACTUALLY taller than me!) named Jeremy Brown asked me to be his girlfriend at our 8th grade carnival dance.

I squealed on the inside, calmly said YES on the outside. (Then I went home for a slumber party with my girlfriends and squealed on the outside.)

I don’t have a picture of that night, so this awkward one from Feb ’98 will have to hold you over.



Wedding DayOCTOBER 24, 2008

Ten years and puhLENTY of valuable life lessons later, just 33 days after our original wedding venue went BANKRUPT (thanks, Hurricane Ike), that same cute boy became my husband.

(Clearly my 8th grade “Nicole E. Brown” doodles had serious manifesting power. Heaven help me when B’s in middle school…)



Delivery DayOCTOBER 24, 2011

After a lovely babymooniversary weekend at Turtle Bay Resort, my water broke.

Two and a half weeks early. (Didn’t see THAT one coming!)

Exactly thirteen years after we first started “going out” at thirteen years old, we became parents to a little fella we like to call Bryson Dean.

I tell the whole story in a four-part series that starts right here.



B as Carl from Disney-Pixar's UPOCTOBER 24, 2012

I went ALL. OUT. for Bryson’s first birthday -slash- Halloween.

Because what’s more fun than a one-year-old dressed up as a 78-year-old man with his own custom cardboard house?

(Click here to see all the obsessive details. This baby’s all over Pinterest.)




With Paw Paw in 2013October 24, 2013

Last year 10/24 was a bit different as we spent it celebrating the life of my sweet Noni (my grandmother).

Jeremy had been in Connecticut for training at the time (+ otherwise wouldn’t have been there with us), so I like to think she had a hand in coordinating so we could all be together that day ;)

Non and my Paw Paw would’ve been married 60 years last November. Amazing.

I never imagined I’d be adding this part of the story when I planned a 10/24 post for today, but our dear Paw Paw passed away earlier this week…reunited with Non just in time for their next anniversary.

Life sure is precious – at every age and every stage.

And that brings us today.


October 24, 2014

This year our tears for Paw Paw are still fresh, we’re missing our sailor, and the birthday boy has a bit of a cold.

We’re not off to the SMOOTHEST start, but I’m always aware that there is SO much to be thankful for – and it all leads right back to that mushy love stuff.

And that’s what life’s all about anyway, right? That mushy love stuff? I think so.

So, without further ado – I’d like to write a few love notes to loved ones who can’t actually read them – because one is under the sea, one is three, and two are now celebrating in spirit, and I’m not sure they get wifi.


10665945_10100735714159904_7508653792449145468_nOctober 24th would just be another day on the calendar if it weren’t for you, boo.

After all these years (like 50 now?), you know how to drive me crazy like NO one else can….but only when I really need it.

You still make my heart beat faster (just tonight I looked at a pic of you tonight and thought, “ACK! He’s SO good looking!” ;)), and WOW. You couldn’t be a better dad.

Your love for B is out of this world. I get such JOY watching the two of you together. Always have.

I couldn’t do what I do “on my computer” without you stepping in to fill ALL the gaps and cheering me on even when you don’t know what the hey I’m doing.

Thank you for being patient when I work too much. (Which I know is…too much.)

Thank you for giving the BEST hugs when I just need to feel human again.

Thank you for indulging me in my woo woo “describe your ideal day” daydreams…because I have NO doubt they will be our reality one day soon.

I love your guts.


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.17.30 PMYou are seriously the dreamiest boy I’ve ever known.

I know you know God made you (which melts my heart, BTW), but being your mom is the absolute HONOR and privilege of my lifetime. I think we were literally a match made in heaven.

I love how your answer to everything is “bears,” your UNCONDITIONAL love for your sweet daddy and “Engine Turtles,” your silly sense of humor, your smooches, your roars, your pouts, your belly laughs…I mean KID.

I love everything about you.

I guess that’s what moms are for.

I could ugly cry at the THOUGHT of you growing up and leaving the nest one day, but I know that’s what life’s all about. We go and we grow (as Pop says).

In the meantime, I treasure this sweet phase of NOW. Where you’re tiny enough to fit on my hip and I’m cool enough to deserve your company every night of the week ;)

Happy 3rd birthday, my precious boy!

Noni + Paw Paw

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.24.35 PM

Non, you know I know you’re only a thought away. Thank you for continuing to teach me about life and faith, encouraging me to GO FOR IT, and reminding me to chill out and enjoy the ride. Constantly.

Paw Paw, I am so thankful for our pizza date and great visits while B and I were in Texas. Your encouragement and wisdom has helped shape who I am (who we all are!), and your elephant noises will live on in B ;)

You both taught us (the WHOLE family) by walking the walk.

Loving for a lifetime.

Praying like you mean it.

Standing up for what you believe in.

And keeping a lively sense of humor all the while.

Perhaps most importantly, you taught us how to fight when it’s time to fight, and how to let go when it’s time to let go.

What a blessing it is to be part of the family YOU started.

All because two people fell in love.

Back to YOU, Friend.

In the comments below, share a lil love note with a spouse, friend, partner, parent, kiddo who can or CAN’T read yet ;)….and make sure they SEE or HEAR those words from you. Today.

Because life’s waaaay too short to procrastinate the mushy love stuff.

To a 10/24 love train,




  1. Marilee

    Nikki-this is so powerful, thank you so sharing! I’m off to hug my hunky husband right now!

  2. Tania

    What a special post you have here! Thank you for letting us “in” your world and being so open about your special family. WoW! Amazing how the same exact day keeps coming up for special events in your life. You are a very special and unique person and I am so grateful you are sharing your passions – all of them – with the world. xox

  3. Tamsen Horton

    24 is your number in oh so many ways … Happiest wishes ever for all the celebrations and people on this day! We actually have the words over our family pictures “all because two people fell in love” — so much happens when it comes out of love …

    You were definitely meant to share your “loves” with so many of us — thank you for that! (especially that bubbly word-nerd who makes all things communication so easy and fun!)

  4. connie curtis

    This is to my hubby which I call bear.. Bears are cool right. :).. I love you so much and you support me through the bad and the good and even when I dont know that I need the support or kick in the pants. You are there. Your doing your fishing thing and I miss you. I know your having fun and that is the point of life to have fun and enjoy it. I know your be home and you listen to me describe the who who days of how our life is going to be and how my business is going to rock and that my peeps are out there waiting for me. You love me even with all the layers coming off and digging more. I love you more than words can say and I wil be so glad when your home.

    Your sweets.. :)

  5. ReBecca Shotton

    Wow Nikki. Thank you so much for being willing to be so vulnerable and sharing this post with the us/world (Brene Brown would be so proud!) Your words to your Grandparents made me cry. I wonder if many of our biggest influencers have any idea how much they effect who the people around them become, and by doing it in what they DO much more than what they SAY. I love that you celebrate them and not just miss them.

    Happy Oct 24th (you know you HAVE to name this day, right?) to you and your fam!!


  6. Michelle | Coach + Writer

    So sweet! Amazing timing too. :)
    Today is my daughter`s birthday too – she is turning 6, and my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary 9 days ago – so October is always a special month here too :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Happy October, Michelle! Hope y’all had a great celebration :)

  7. Claire

    A truly beautiful post Nikki

  8. Laurel

    Love. What more can I say? It’s what makes this life worth living.

  9. Victoria

    That was just lovely. You inspired me to write to my dog Foxy Downey. Foxy – even though you are the most intelligent dog ever you cannot read yet so just know that I love you with all my heart. You came into my life when I was in the depressive phase of my Bipolar illness and you, quite simply, saved my life. Your unconditional love and sheer cuteness brought me back from the depths of despair and having to look after you started me on the journey of looking after myself again. So, even though you like to sleep on my pillow during the day and sometimes you steal my food, I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life. Victoria xo

  10. Shantini

    Dear Nikki, I save your posts to read over the weekend because I enjoy them so much. This has got to be one of the best posts you’ve ever written (and that’s really saying something coz all your posts are fabulous!).Thank you for opening your heart and sharing – you’re an inspiration Nikki!

    And here’s my lil love note to you Boo – you know who you are :-)

    You are my sunshine, my protector and my champion . You are my hero. It’s been more than 10 years but it feels like we met just yesterday. I learn and grow and become a better me because of you. I love you more than you could ever know.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you so much for sharing that, Shantini! Love (SO MUCH) that you “save” them :) Hooe you and your boo have a great week!

  11. Marsha from

    This just made me cry!!!!

    Here’s my love note, to my sweet friend Lisa who passed last year, way before we were hoping she would:

    Buddy. I can’t believe I started a blog and I haven’t been able to talk about it with you! YOU are the reason blogging even was something I thought people would be interested in my doing – all because I read yours so religiously. I hear you in the words I write on my blog all the time. I think it’s unavoidable when you love someone’s writing as much as I loved yours.

    I’m so excited for the BBC adaptation of your wonderful book, though, like a lot of us, a bit nervous for how much it’ll make me miss you.

    I never got to tell you, but I plugged your book to 3,000 people onstage at World Domination Summit this summer. I only had a minute and a half to tell the solo marathon story, but I insisted that precious time real estate was taken up by my saying, “my hero Lisa Lynch, author of The C Word”.

    Thank you, for all you gave me. The armour and resources to deal with friends who have cancer (or any serious situation) that have been game-changing. And the endless laughing and crying when I read your words. And just the luck of getting to become friends with you (ACTUAL FRIENDS. Even though you’re BASICALLY A POP STAR).

    So much love xxxxxx

    PS because I am, as you know, forever trying to get people to read your stuff, for anyone who’s interested, you can find Lisa’s amazing blog at (scroll down to the bottom right and check out “The Speed Version” for highlights), and her (AMAZING) book, The C Word, is on Amazon.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Beautiful, buddy. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to Lisa! I’m over The C Word at the moment – the book looks great. I bet Lisa appreciates you spearheading the evergreen promo campaign ;)

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