Livin’ the Dream

Livin The Dream

“When all is said and done, I want to use the gifts and talents God has given me to make life better for the people I get to “do life” with. If I can find a way to help support my family by doing that, well, I’d be livin’ the dream.”
– Yours truly, February 18, 2013

I’ve got something kinda different to share with you today, friend.

It’s a post from my original blog dating back to just over ONE year ago. I’d totally forgotten about it til earlier this week (I’ve been a little busy), but WHOA.

Reading this post is like entering a virtual time machine.

Dreaming Big

It’s titled “Dreaming Big: Who’s with me?”

In it I tell my family and friends about this new “website” idea.

I’m seeking input and feedback for the new venture, putting myself out there for some public accountability (a recurring theme in the 12 months since), and just GOING for it.

And it’s inspiring me…big time.

In the months to come, I’d like to put together a post about 20/20 hindsight and lessons learned.

What we’d tell ourselves if we could travel back in time and leave a sticky note. 

So here’s your homework, should you choose to accept it:

1. Click here to read the original post.
2. Post your answer to this Q in the comments below:

What’s one thing you’d love to tell yourself, one year ago today?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one, friend.

I’ll be watchin’ for ya!
To dreaming big and living to tell the story,




  1. lauren

    I’d like to tell myself a lot of things. What stands out most? I’d like to tell myself – “YOU’RE GOING TO GET THERE!”
    One year ago today, I had just finished up week one of B-school and was doubting myself, big time. I had no website, no funds to have one created either. I spent the better part of a year, learning and creating what I have become very proud of,! Let’s be honest, many parts of this year were spent doubting my ability, doubting that anyone would be interested in my offerings, doubting that I had the will to have follow through and simply spent time… floundering. I read your “dreaming big” yesterday, and I have to say Nikki, you are a strong inspiration to me to keep going. So I’d say to myself “YOU’LL GET THERE!” Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    1. Rhonda

      Lauren, love your comment, I’m having all those same feelings now. I have to keep telling myself “I will get there”. Thanks so much, it really helped me today. BTW love your website and what you are doing, you have a new follower:)

      1. lauren

        Rhonda. YOU WILL GET THERE! Trust that you are in the right place at the right time. Baby steps and hard work! And thanks for the positive words, gives a girl a confidence boost!

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love that, Lauren! YOU WILL GET THERE :) Takes the pressure off and helps us remember enjoy the journey.

      NOTE: I don’t know how or why I dropped off the face of the comment earth after posting this, but I imagine it was out of sheer ACAC exhaustion since this was the week we finished the live run.

      (Sorry about that, ladies!)

  2. Rhonda

    I would tell myself, self you need to “act”. I’m telling my today self, don’t make the same mistake as last year. I’m on the move.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Being on the move is so much better than over-analyzing and letting the resistance run the show, Rhonda! Hope you’re still in motion :)

  3. Cathy

    I’d tell myself, “Your life is about to change in so many beautifully magical ways, your head’s gonna spin. They are not the changes you think you’re seeking, they’re not the changes you’re expecting by any stretch of the imagination. One thing I can tell you is, TRUST yourself and your intuition. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. And above all else, don’t try to get to the finish line before heading out of the gate; take your time (trust in Divine timing) and appreciate that slow & steady wins the race.”

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Feel the fear + do it anyway. YEP. Fear can be a great teacher. (And a great distraction.)

      Hope you’re doing well, Cathy!

  4. Taynia

    I’d say, “Self! In the next twelve months you’re gonna try, you’re gonna fail, you’re gonna be disappointed, you’ll question your worth as a business owner and at the end of it all, you’ll close shop. In a year, you’ll be exactly where you think you don’t want to be – back at corporate. The growth your searching for won’t be professional, but you will find it – on a personal level – and far better than you could have imagined. You’ll overcome fears that have hounded you for a life-time. You’ll be grateful and awe-struck!!. You’ll start a new business aligned with what you want to do and what people like you need. And you’ll be happy you succeed at failure, because failure satisfied the “what-if” questions, opened new doors, and gave you permission to bloom, on your own terms.”

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      And you’ll be happy you succeed at failure, because failure satisfied the “what-if” questions, opened new doors, and gave you permission to bloom, on your own terms.”

      ^^^^ So good, Taynia!

  5. Elise

    Just loving everything you do. You help me to keep the faith …

    Here’s to living the dream,

    1. Zuzana

      Well, ladies, you have all said it so beautifully!

      A year ago, I would’ve told myself this: ‘Don’t be such a grumpy old moron, look around and you’ll see there are so many ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If they can do it, so can you. And there is so much to do to help others. So cheer up, get off your backside right now and start doing that thing you love. Most importantly, you CAN be as good as them if you stop feeling sorry for yourself.’

      There! I also would have kicked my booty to get me going sooner.

      Great work Nikki & a very good question.

  6. Lina Hollman

    You couldn’t have re-posted this log at a better time! A year ago I was in the throws of B-School experiencing feelings of epic excitement and terror. Today, I’m on the verge of launching a website that will help others break-free of their limiting thoughts and beliefs and find the courage to define and design a more meaningful and happy life <3. I'd tell myself just do it — and God will take care of the rest. A huge dose of fear and overwhelm came over me this week. I've come to accept that this is part of the process and look to others for the inspiration and support I need to stay positive and make my dream a reality. Many thanks to you Nikki for sharing your journey!! You have helped me tremendously!!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks for sharing this, Lina. That’s exactly it – all we can do is all we can do – it’s that faithful surrender that’s the tricky part ;)

      Hope you’re doing great over there!

  7. Carla

    Loved this post and feeling so blessed to have caught onto your blog through B-School, Nikki!

    The Ides of March is the anniversary of my first date, so a year ago I would have been taking some time out to celebrate amidst B-School homework and running the businesses. I think I would tell myself to take a little extra time for us so that’s what I’ll do this wknd! ;)

    Thanks as always for all you do and give. You’re a blessing! <3

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Don’t know how I’m just seeing this, Carla, but I love your takeaway :) Hope the “us time” was fab!

  8. Bill Carrington

    Your fist commenter, Dawn, said it best for me in a short message. “Dreams are meant to be followed. Step out in faith and see what happens. Things may morph and change over time and that will be in response to feedback and changes in your life. The words “nothing ventured, nothing gained” have truth in them. ”

    I have had this dream of mine for a very, very long time. Frankly, writing flat out scares me. Makes me go, ‘Ugh’ … and then I stop. I have followed many different Internet marketers over the last 10 years, maybe more! Heck, I can remember watching infomercials about “Dollars in Your Mailbox”. I have bought a few products, invested in a number of web-building tools, purchased domain names, setup hosting accounts, built payment processors and more! Even helped some folks build there websites, most notably, my youngest daughter’s, which you can find on Facebook as SmartGlamour and a .com of the same name.

    And yet, I have done very little for myself and when I do I have let it fizzle out and drift away. The perfect example is my billcarrington .com. Yet I continue to desire it and want to do it.

    Well, now I have more reasons to do so, and for those that are interested, just ask. I feel as if I am just starting this journey and anyone may follow along as well on my latest, just started … AGAIN … website.


    And yet … I have rarely done anything

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Totally cheesy to say this, Bill, but every day (hour, minute) is a chance for a fresh start!

      How’s it going over there with YOUR site?

  9. Teri

    I would write on my extra large post it note: “DOUBT IS A LIE”.. Yes in all caps to make sure i see it!

  10. Laurel

    I would say to myself “hear the silent voice within and remember to cling tightly to your values, because success isn’t defined by numbers, and strength isn’t defined by popularity.” I would remind myself that God has a will for me and the only way to follow it is to embrace who I am instead of comparing and judging who I am not.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Values + intuition can take us all the way, Laurel :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Eva

    Wow, a year ago… A year ago I would have told myself “Hold onto your hat!!”

    In the past year I have taken all my long procrastinated-on leaps in one go: I quit a job I’d outgrown without knowing what I would do next; I moved across the country to finally live with my love and into a perfect little house near the sea; I started a beautiful new job that came out of the blue, that allows me to work at home, and that gives me no choice but to grow – grow – grow in every way conceivable; I’m also now engaged and have changed not just my last name but my first name too (which was a lifelong never-quite-happens plan).

    I’m let loose on the world – a whole, new, larger than life – me!

    My skin tingles and my blood fizzes at the thought of what the next year will bring – it’s going to be even bigger and grander than anything ever. I can feel it.

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