Lessons from the Launch Zone

Lessons From The Launch Zone1.1 As you probably know by now, the live run of my first program A Course About Copy is just around the corner.

It’s launch time, baby.

My first-ever free video series launched (today) to a super-engaged and lovely reception. (Humbled, but so not surprised. In my experience, folks who hang out around my corners of the internet are pretty lovely human beings.)

SO. While I’m VERY excited, I’m also very tired.

I didn’t experience true labor with my son (long story), but I imagine this is what it would’ve been like (though delivering an idea baby instead of a real baby, of course.) Lots of hard work and a bit ‘o’ craziness that’s totally worth it in the end.

To commemorate the occasion, I’m writing a quick post from the trenches. I may add to this list as the next few weeks pass – because this learning curve is STE-EEP! I love that though. Sitting around just thinking about it was taking a toll.

So here’s what I’ve got. Before you launch your next something, take a peek at these:

Lessons from the Launch Zone

  1. When you plan to record a PowerPoint in Screenflow, go to the “Themes” tab and select “Widescreen 16:9” before you format your slides. (Just do the math to be sure it matches whatever your end video will be!)
  2. Don’t forget to eat lunch.
  3. Have an accountability buddy who enforces a bedtime for YOU. (Because your toddler will NOT be sleeping in tomorrow.)
  4. Have a backup plan if your video host gets randomly attacked and your players temporarily disappear. (This just happened!)
  5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re HUMAN and (the right kind of) people will be FINE with that.
  6. When you’re shifting gears or need some bloodflow, take dance breaks. (My faves: Happy by Pharrell and Overcomer by Mandisa)
  7. When you feel “spent,” remember WHY you’re doing this in the first place. (Did I tell you we’re building a school this year?!)
  8. Visualize your dream outcome with feeling. (Talk to Michelle Simmonds + Susan Ferraro about that.)
  9. Instead of worrying about XYZ, thank God for what you’ve got and where you’re headed. Trust His plan!
  10. Did I mention sleep more?
  11. Stop obsessing over tech options and just PICK one (to cover each area of need). You can usually get a refund within 30 days :)
  12. Test your order form(s).
  13. Thank David for laying out a crystal-clear plan of best practices to follow if you so choose.  (aff link)
  14. Get familiar with your tech support folks. They’re much more helpful than you may have assumed!
  15. Close your laptop.
  16. Take a deep breath (or several).

Really…the MOST Important Lesson….

Don’t be a hero and try to do EVERYTHING yourself. Do what you can to stay in your zone of genius (a la The Big Leap).

Seek help, support, encouragement, and dance parties from people you know, like, and trust, then thank them for helping you deliver this idea baby to the world!

Here’s one way I did that, in my first-ever launch email:

P.P.S. May seem silly for just my first video launch, but here’s my Oscar-like thank you speech anyway: Big ups to God, my sweet fam, Sarah Ancalmo, Nathalie Doremieux, Michelle Simmonds, Brie Kotton, Amber McCue, and Jessica Maes for helping me finally get this ball rolling. It takes a village, people. And I appreciate you!

Seriously. I couldn’t bring this course to life this without all of these folks (and still maintain my sanity).

Thankful, thankful, thankful.

The Inner Circle

If you’ve already hopped on this ferris wheel ‘o’ firsts with me, THANK YOU. Hope you enjoy the rest of the videos (-slash- join us for the actual course if it feels right for you)!

If you haven’t YET, click here to sign up and get instant access to the first video.

Your Turn

  • What is one of YOUR favorite lessons from the launch zone?
  • If you haven’t had your first big launch yet, what are some Qs you may have for those who have gone before us?

Share your insights below!

To doing the work and livin’ the dream,





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  1. Siliva

    Since I’m also in the launch zone right now, this one is easy.

    There’s a solution to everything. Don’t freak out!!!

  2. Lacy

    Yeah, test EVERYTHING comes to mind. ;) I’ve hired a VA in preparation for helping me do just that. I ran my first mini course this month and there were a lot of little glitches that could have been avoided if I hadn’t ass-umed that everything was fine. When I get to my big girl launch later this year, my VA and I will be clicking EVERY SINGLE LINK.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YES, Lacy! So good.

      I can’t believe my “trial run” launch is now happening in front of over 600 people. The capital P-erfectionist in me is wanting to triple-check everything, but I’m gonna keep plugging through!

      Love this on-the-job training.

  3. Reba

    Hey Nikki! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned! It’s the bumps and bruises along the way that make our masterpiece that much more delish! Funny you would mention a happy dance using Farrell’s song – I just created a routine and posted this week. Dance along with me next time! :) http://youtu.be/tnpULrLaAaQ

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Loooved it, Reba! Just happy-danced in my PJs with my little one ;)

      It’s become “our song” these days. So fun!

  4. Tonia Winchester

    You’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and because you have the courage to do so, you yourself become a giant.

    Not in a fat kinda way.

    And when you respond to my emails when it is already 10:30 pm my time, I will always lovingly nudge you to sleeptown. ;) Hope that’s cool.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      bahaha YES Tonia! Now that we’re here with Jerm, he can be my accountability buddy again :)

      Thanks for the encouraging words, friend. Always appreciate you!

  5. Holly Sugrue

    Perfect timing with this post. I am literally about to record my Keynote slides with ScreenFlow for the Zero to Video Hero 4 Week Training Series and I was wondering why everything looked so small. Thank you for your wisdom!

    My favorite lesson so far… just do it already then adapt, improvise and overcome.

  6. Weekend Cowgirl

    You continue to amaze me! Good luck on your video series!

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