It IS for you.

If the voice inside your head is telling you that you can’t… That it [“it” being success, joy, the fancy toilet paper, choose your own adventure] is not for you… CHANGE. THAT. CHANNEL, dude.

That voice is LYING to you.

Flip to the channel that REMINDS you that there’s almost NOTHING you can’t do.

(Like using a double negative in a post for effect.)

Success / joy / fancy toilet paper / a flexible work schedule and more than enough income to support your fam …. YOU WANT IT? It’s YOURS.

Get clear on the vision.

Lock in the intention.

Create some space.

Act on your nudges / DO THE WORK and let. this. happen.

For the highest good of eeeeeverybody involved.

Stop thinking / believing / LIVING LIKE you don’t deserve this.

Do ONE thing you know you need to do.

And then the next, and the next.

This “it’s not for me” story is just that – a story.

Why not write a new one?