If you’ve got something nice to say…

The whole “what other people think of me is none of my business” line has never FULLY resonated with me.

I mean, I get it – a healthy self worth doesn’t depend on whether others approve / disapprove of who we are / what we do.

We’re not here to perform or “be good.”


And yet – at the same time, we’re social creatures experiencing this life together.

It feels dang good to be seen and acknowledged for who we are and what we do along the way (and sometimes, even if initially painful, the critiques point out valuable insights too).

Today I want to say:

1. THANK YOU to Shannon for sending me this message (shared below). For taking time out of your day to share these words of encouragement. (And to all of you who have shared reviews of the podcast on iTunes, or elsewhere.)

Means SO MUCH.

2. To all of us – a kind word challenge! The next kind / encouraging / uplifting and sincere thing that pops into your brain – whether online, offline, or in your own home… SAY IT. SPILL IT. Let those words OUT.

May seem simple or even silly to you – but that message may be EXACTLY what that person needed to hear to keep going / push through the discomfort / feel a bit more confident / dream a little bigger / more fully accept themselves.

When THAT happens… we ALL benefit.

So, thanks. ❤️

“Hi Nikki, I listen to your podcast, which I absolutely love.

After listening to one of your recent podcast episodes, it could have been in the “How to squash self doubt”, but I’ve listened to 4 of your episodes today in my travels so it could have been a different one, you asked people to reach out about your book, which I know you have written one yet but absolutely will.

I guess I just wanted to send a little note to say I can’t wait to read what you create and perhaps listen to it on audible as I find your words are delivered so perfectly.

Your stories I find are just what I always need, they are Divine Breadcrumbs, memos of relation; from one biz Mum to another, and I hope that it’s something that enters the stratosphere soon-ish. ‘It doesn’t need to be perfect – it just needs to be shared.

With love and thanks,