How to Find Your Space in the World: A Podconvo with Kirsten Tyrell

There’s a LOT going on over here that I can’t wait to share with you. (Well I figuratively can’t wait – literally I can and will, because the anticipation is half the fun ;))

In the meantime today I wanted to officially THANK YOU for helping me send A Course About Copy off in style this month. After six years of holding the doors open, it feels so good (and also scary in the best kind of way) to meet, greet, and serve the ACAC class of 2020, close this chapter, and create space for the next.

On that “next” note, I’ve got a fresh podcast conversation to share with you – recorded a few months back with the fabulous Kirsten Tyrell, host of the Marvelous podcast. I just relistened to the whole thing (at 2x speed; you know how I do…) and took some notes to help give you an idea of what we cover, including:

  • Building life + biz on your own terms
  • Letting go of the (exhausting expectations that come with the) need to be-do-have it all at ONCE
  • The life-changing power of knowing who you are, what you want, and making choices that align with both
  • The drawbacks to of having success / being super profitable right off the bat
  • Finding divine order in the chaos and the squiggle – struggle seasons
  • The crushing mom guilt / watershed moment that shifted everything for me (+ how I eventually shifted from guilt to legit gratitude)
  • The value of identifying and trusting your life’s divine breadcrumbs – especially when you’re in a dip / foggy space
  • Finding your ideal balance between creating for yourSELF and creating for othersWhy using FB ads (the way that I initially did) sucked a lot of fun out of my business
  • Updates on Naptime Empires + teasers about the podcast I’m dreaming up NEXT
  • Shout out to The Gift of Mom Guilt [NE 054]: how to shorten your guilt-to-gratitude rebound time
  • How being super intentional about our savings set us up for this season of exploration
  • The importance of being honest about what truly inspires you (hint: it may or may NOT be money)
  • How to get over yourself if you’ve got a superwoman/man/human complex
  • Musings on taking up the space you were designed to create – not more, not less
  • Update on my book writing plans (+ why I’m not currently in a rush)
  • The power of a deep EXHALE when you need it (and don’t we almost always need it?)
  • An audio peek at what I’m envisioning for my next visual brand (slow burn but it’ll be SO WORTH IT)
  • How to get a good 15ish minutes of inspo-spark vs. waiting for inspiration to fall into your lap
  • Who and how I am serving moving forward

Truth: I could’ve spent 30 minutes trimming this list down to like five super concise headline-y points, making it more copywriting-friendly but NOPE. I wanted you to see the full menu so you could see why you wanna join us and listen here. Soooo…. join us by listening here! You can also just type my name or “Marvelous with Kirsten Tyrell” into your fave podcast player and scroll back to find episode 245. As you listen, take a screenshot and tag us on Insta to let us know your fave takeaways. Would love to hear your thoughts!