How Inspired Action Makes Selling (Way) Easier: A Convo with Alex Beadon

On living your way into the answer…

I love this quote:

How do you feel about listening to podcasts?

I love ’em.

I value the medium. The actual CHANNEL for communication.

I love listening to a conversation (solo or) between two people and feeling my own energy rise.

LingOL when someone makes a joke that existed in my brain too.

I love how having someone ELSE’s voice inside my head – even just for 20 minutes – can build such strong connection and trust.

I also love listening at 1.5x-2x speed for max nerdiness and efficiency ;)

Thing is – even though over the past couple of years I’ve recorded over 60 of my OWN Naptime Empires® podcast episodes, spoken on stages, interviewed friends on their OWN podcasts, done interviews via livestream…

I haven’t YES to an invite to share my story via someone else’s podcast since 2017, right before my fam and I moved from Honolulu to Houston.

Digital decades ago.

Why the pause in pod-sharing??

That move sparked a big shift for me. For us.

As a result – I’ve mostly been in listen and learn mode over here.

Experimenting, exploring, reflecting on who I am + why, who, how I want to serve moving forward.

Creating my own “squiggle” season and learning alllll the messy lessons that come along with it.

I said “thanks but not now” to interview invites because I didn’t want to lead people (who hadn’t met me yet!) on a parade down my creative cul-de-sac while I figured my ish out.

This season has been EXACTLY what it needed to be – and I’ll share more about it / what’s next in the weeks and months to come, but for now I wanted to let you know:

While I will ALWAYS be in some degree of listen + learn mode (that’s the sage-y goddess in me ;)) I’m back to sharing my stories BEYOND my own spaces again.

And it feels SO GOOD.

My first interview of the biennial was with my buddy Alex Beadon; it went live this week.

If you’ve ever found yourself circling your own creative cul-de-sac, looking for an answer key nobody else could give you, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Here are some of the key takeaways (in Alex’s words):

  • What REAL-ationships look like and why they’re important in your business.
  • How Nikki went from $0 to $21,000 by offering free sessions
  • How she scaled up to a 6-figure business by shifting from one-on-ones to an online course
  • How she packaged free content for an extra $20,000 in revenue
  • How focusing on essential business activities and self-care brought in one of her most profitable months ever
  • How being out of alignment caused her sales to stagnate
  • How being aligned with your highest values allows you to be more inspired, disciplined, organized and focused
  • How to figure out what your highest values are
  • How to recharge after you give so much to your audience and clients

NOTE: there’s also a little breaking news about the future of my offerings. More on that to come ;)

If you want to run your business in a way that lights you up, brings more discipline and focus, all while generating a profit, you have to check out episode 90!

You can also search for “On Purpose with Alex Beadon” – episode 090 on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

Take a screenshot as / after you listen, tag me and @alexbeadon on your Instastories to join the conversation!

Would love to hear your thoughts.