How good is “good enough”?

How Good is Good Enough - Quote1.1

If you’ve been falling into (or hiding in) the ol’ perfectionist trap lately, this one’s for you.

When I first tuned into this world of blogging and online business, I noticed two main trains of thought on content quality:

  1. WOW them. Overdeliver. (The whole experience should involve pixie dust at every turn.)
  2. Just get something out there. Start before you feel ready. (Don’t wait til it’s perfect.)

The (in-denial) perfectionist in me thought, “Wait. What?”

“How can I wow them if I’m not taking time to do my absolute BEST?”

“How will I know when good is ‘good enough’?”

And yet – during my first year of business I broke all of my own rules of planning, predicting, and perfecting and just WENT for it. (Probably because my word of the year was FAITH). Pretty quickly I figured out what “good enough” meant for me, and ten months later, I cartwheeled into six-figure territory.

Let’s talk about how that shift happened.

In this video, I’ll share:

  • How to be a likable, high-functioning perfectionist (winky face)
  • Real-life examples of what “good enough” has done for my business
  • The LIFE-CHANGING perspective shift I had in 2013
  • A two-Q test to determine if your next project is ready to share
  • A “get it out there” challenge to help you get movin’

Click below to watch (or take a listen):

In a (Coco)nut Shell…

Take The “Good Enough” Test:

  1. Do you feel pretty good about it? (Don’t share something if it doesn’t FEEL good.)
  2. Trick Q: Are your clients happy with it? (You’ve gotta share it to find out!)

Really, really good is good enough. (Tweet that!)
It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be shared. (Tweet that!)

Links Worth Noting

The How to Fascinate Test by Sally Hogshead

My Public Display of Imperfection (The tale of when I misspelled my own name)

Your Homework

In the comments below, tell me:

What’s ONE post – project – offer you’ll put out into the world in the next seven days?

Make the proclamation today. (Then come back and share the link once it’s out there.)

You can do eeet :)

To that beautifully imperfect 5%,




  1. Kristy

    Ohhh, this was such an honest video, filled with so many gems.

    Thanks for being so candid. As a recovering ‘perfectionist’, so much of what you shared was a valuable reminder (shake-my-shoulders kinda reminder).

    “Really, really good is good enough.” I LOVE it! [Brilliant Michelle]. I’m with you, 95% good enough is good enough.

    1. Kristy

      Oops. I forgot my public proclamation… Eeek! I’m going to share my new website in the next 7 days. It’s had a significant make-over.

      1. Nikki Elledge Brown

        Can’t wait to see it! Mine won’t be far behind. So exciting!

  2. Vanessa

    Oh yes, was that girl in school and how many times has my husband or parents lovingly said, “it’s not a final exam”…guilty.

    This challenge is good for me because I really just need to launch my opt in, freebie, and first blog post all this week…so now it’s out there…and since I’m one of your new CAOC’ers and I have no list, I really need to get going!

    Thanks Nikki!!

  3. Therese Sandhage

    Thanks for bringing up the topic of a splash page. That had never occurred to me. I shall do that. My site is up but has no content. It does have a title. :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Absolutely, Therese! Get a splash page with an opt-in box up there so you can start building your list while you’re building your site.

      A friend + ACAC student of mine Dayna House just got her first 1,000 subscribers in 2.5 MONTHS – by finding her people online, engaging with them in a smart, authentic way, and directing them back to her splash page (and opt-in freebie) at

      You can totally make it work!

  4. Jen Kiaba

    Oh man Nikki this was so timely for me! Yesterday I recorded the same video 3+ times, and even though I was happy with my very first take I insisted on trying to make it better. Then I realized I was getting into that dangerous perfectionism feedback loop and just decided to use my first video. It was good enough! So while I’ll always try to strive to improve upon where I’ve been, I also have to make sure not to punish myself to make it flawless.
    I’ll try to keep that in mind for my next video that I’ll do in the next seven days! <3

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Good for YOU, Jen! Now come share a link to that vid :)

  5. Marsha from

    Oh, i LOVED this!!!

    I recently had an epiphany when it comes to my videos. I sat myself down and said, “Marsha. You do not have three million people on your mailing list. It is OKAY for you to put something out in the world that is not 100% perfect”.

    This has made making videos SO MUCH EASIER. My lighting: not perfect. My hair: not perfect. My script: NOT PERFECT!
    But the info is good, and it’s GOOD ENOUGH.

    But, of course, I still was freaking out. So THANK YOU for the green light on this!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Of COURSE, Marsh! Your “good enough” is hilariously helpful.

      (Even your “meh” would be hilariously helpful.)

      Keep on sharing, sister :)

  6. Jessica Zelenko-Barrier

    Thank you for this video! I just filmed a clip for my video blog outside yesterday, in front of the Grand Teton mountains. When I looked at it, it made me really happy but then I started to notice the imperfections. My shirt fluttered a bit in the wind exposing a small amount of my stomach. Now, it’s not scandalous and it’s off-set by the bulkiest fleece coat know to man. Still, I was thinking of ditching the video. I’m going to count that as my imperfect 5% and go with it. The video makes me smile ear-to-ear and I bet it will make some people happy too. Thanks, Nikki.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! That’s the spirit, Jessica. (And I wanna see this video!)

  7. Hannah Ransom

    I have an easy offer that I thought of a week or two ago but still haven’t done it. I’ll do it in the next 7 days.

  8. Mickey@Panglossity

    You make a really good point, Nikki.

    I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but I have a hard time getting any project started. It applies mostly to my ideas, as I was happily productive when I had to word with or for someone else. But by the time I work out the kinks, I find myself not even interested to start the project anymore.

    I think I abandoned a couple of few ideas just trying to think how I can make them perfect from the get-go. Guess what? It’s not going to be perfect from the beginning. Not even 95% good enough. At this point, I’ll settle for 55% and kick myself to start.

    My point is: don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of it.

  9. Elloa

    Hi Nikki,
    I loved this video, thank you. I think I have a high standards, but I think for me, 85 or 90% is really really good :)
    Your questions are so, so helpful and what I notice is that every single one of the seven blog posts I have shared on my new website is one think is really, really good. Each week, when I contact my mailing list, I’m like, “Eek! I’ve got a good one for you today. Promise!” And I mean it.
    So, what I commit to releasing in the next seven days is another blog post. Because I’m practising consistency, and I’m getting into the swing of producing something really, really good on a weekly basis.
    Thank you – excited about YOUR new site.
    Elloa x

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love that, Elloa!

      Totally down with 85-90%. Whatever feels good is good enough :)

  10. Bruce

    Great video Nikki!

    Exactly what I needed!

    I’m going to get my video, How I Got On The TODAY Show (Without Even Trying) out there in the next seven days!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      UMM…BRUCE. Being on The TODAY Show is a total dream of mine.

      Come back and share the link to the video when you make it! :)

  11. Mimi Coker

    Great video, Nikki! I really connected with it, and loved hearing about how 95% is good enough : )
    I’m committing to announcing my next challenge… The Body Confidence Cleanse: A 3-Day Challenge for Military Wives by the end of next week! (Even though I’m super nervous about it being good enough!)

    Thanks, Nikki!

  12. Sally

    I’m going to send out my 3rd newsletter about this crazy and inspiring dream I had! Working on my website, so that will be coming out within the next month…

  13. Tonette

    Nikki! This is my favorite video that you made. I love it! Thank you for sharing. :) My proclamation, a video! I’ve been tippie-toeing in the idea of putting a recipe/workout video on my blog and I promise to do it in the next 7 days. Thank you for the extra nudge! :) xoxo

  14. Maru

    OMG Nikki! I just loved all yout vids and posts! thank you so much for sharing your amazing wisdom and energy with us.
    To answer your questions; I have been working for the past months in this offering about pricing and just last week, put it out there. For me its feels SO good! and it is really good! I feel like I have not “shared it” enough.. and its such a sensitive topic that I feel very strong about. So, this week I will try my best to share it more, so others can benefit from my pricing sessions. Thank you for making me do this public proclamation. This is what I am committed to in the next 7 days. big hug

  15. Tonia Winchester

    Always perfect timing. I was just discussing this very topic with my mastermind superstars.

    My proclamation?
    Getting my new site live. Boom.

    And doing some videos for a course I’m a guest presenter / teacher for.

    And watching at least one sunset on the beach.

    (Gotta play too!)


    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      How’s this for a delayed reply, T? How’s it going over there? :D

  16. Nika

    hey Peep,
    I feel I need to start a video Blog for my biz. (I guess) I will create a post in the next seven days. SCARY! hope I can get one done. maybe I will share with summer schoolers first?
    love watching you move through it all.
    Nika Garcia

    1. Nika

      Singer singing Business/ entertainment company. I didn’t even say that.

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I *love* connecting via video. How’s it going for you, Nika?

  17. Kelley

    This is total confirmation for me. I obsess over things and sometimes never share because I dont feel they are perfect. This week I finally sat down and created an opt in for my newsletter subscribers(I’m doing this before I launch my actual blog). When I was done I just thought to myself…this isn’t perfect, but I feel good about it…shouldn’t that count for something? I mean I know it’s for my subscribers and I hope they love it, but I really feel that it’s something good to share. With that being said, in the next seven days I will be launching my opt in “The Lifestyle Design Guide” a formula that helps you create a unique life and style that feels good! Excited to share it with you all as well:-)

    With Love,

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      And it absolutely counts for something, Kelley! Congrats on getting it out there.

  18. Darbi

    You’re a natural, Nikki. Thanks for sharing yourself on this journey called life. My freemium is written out so this week I’m getting it typed up and ready to slip into the opt-in process I have set up. Next is finishing my program for the classes I’m offering in August. My perfectionism is not a full blown disease and, in fact, has diminished greatly as I’ve gotten older. Age does put some perspective on things but I still find myself laboring over a paragraph Facebook post…laughably rediculous!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks, Darbi :) I’m right there with you in the post perfectionism struggle…but yeah. Really good is totally good enough. On any platform. Hope you’re finding it easier these days :)

  19. Sally

    Wowzers, Nikki, so much wonderful information that I don’t know where to start thanking you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I will be reading all of this with my ipad on my tummy in bed tonight!!! You are giving me so much direction right now. I am on the brink of putting myu website out there and I did commit to August 16 in an earlier post today. I will now commit to putting a blog out there this Thursday, August 7th. Since my blog page is part of my website, I will post the blog in the ACAC site for reading until the site is up and running………..good is good enough and I’m done with perfectionism:O) My name is Sally and I am a recovering perfectionist!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hahah HIIII, Sally :) How’s it going over there now?

  20. Kirsten Burgess

    Alright-I have been the queen of procrastination. My current thinking is that it needs to be complete before it is posted….Then I don’t really get started.

    So…..Here it goes – I am going to make it “good enough” and get it out there.

    I am creating a resource for nursing moms of babies with colic or other allergic symptoms. Dr. Sears offers an elimination diet with only 8 ingredients – while that seems simple enough – I would like to give them a plan (menu, recipes and grocery list) to get them through the first week.

    Thanks for the inspiration Nikki – you make it all seem possible.

    Now I am going to sit down for an hour and see what happens.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love this, Kirsten, especially as I’m nursing a newbie right now (a squillion years after you wrote this comment).

      And THIS – “Thanks for the inspiration Nikki” – you make it all seem possible. – one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. Thank you.

  21. Shauna Sanders

    Nikki, your videos ALWAYS speak to me and this one did in particular. I’ve been working on my website for MONTHS and I felt like it was so close but not quite there. But in fact, it was really really good (aka 95% there) so I went public! Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts in such a charming way… Oh and here it is!

  22. Cynthia Gendron

    I post and post and get likes but when I post about upcoming challenges I don’t seem to get any interested or comments ,
    I even invite privately and pretty much get nothing

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hi Cynthia – I understand how frustrating the crickets can be. Have you tried a more conversational approach – just connecting with folks before offering anything?

  23. Michelle Cornish

    Well said, as always Nikki!! In the next 7 days I will get my opt in up on one of my sites (I hope)!! Eeek!!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YES, Michelle! You can totally do that. Break it down into all the steps needed and just start checking ’em off to “good enough” status. Come share the link when it’s live :)

  24. AnaMaria

    My offer is going to starting fromchronictocure periscope a 5 day challenge

  25. Sonya Scott

    Thanks for sharing, Nikki. I’m guilty of all charges when it comes to being a perfectionist. I’ve been sitting on a finished blog post with an opt-in for a week because I feel like my free offer isn’t good enough. I’m going to post it right now and turn on my Facebook ads which are finished and ready to go.

  26. Georgia Brown

    I am going to get my opt-in freebie and landing page set done and up to start building my list. The freebie is currently being worked on by a girl from Fiverr and it isn’t “perfect” enough so I keep putting off getting it out there. However…”done is better than perfect” as one wise girl once said and so I know I just need to get it up and I can always make it better down the road. For now…not landing page with a freebie means no email list so I have to just DO IT!! Thanks for the inspirational video Nikki:)

  27. Stephanie Fiteni

    Hey Nikki, was just using my chipped nail polish excuse for not getting on Periscope! happy I came across this today. No more excuses – I m launching my coaching course campaign this week. Thanks Nikki. Love the style of your videos. Made me realise you don t need a team to create video that delivers value and touches people – you don’t need high end graphics to win respect.. No more perfectionism.

  28. Wambui Githire-Mburu

    Nikkie, am I glad I read this post today. So after recording my slides for my first ecourse and finishing, I tell my husband I think I am going to do it all over again because I didn’t think anyone would like it. And he goes “what!record again?”so I play one of the lessons in one of the modules and I ask him “would you buy it?” And he says ofcourse. . I mean as I listened the recording I was actually impressed with myself but I guess I just needed a confirmation from someone else that it was good enough. BTW I had you use the phrase “ship it” funny coz I had a post it note on my laptop as I was recording that said “Ship it” I learned that from Amy Porterfield who raves about you. Thanks Nikki! Oh and I will edit all my slides within 7 days and put them in a members site, and have my first webinar to sell my course on 2/23/16 – a month from now. I will link up the details later..

  29. Adrienne Patterson

    Ahhh! Love this. I am nearing the completion of my online sign language course (CAOC & DSG style :). In the midst of that, I am wanting to dabble in coaching parents of toddlers about how to help their children talk (I am a speech therapist in my day job and am super passionate about helping kids). So I set up Acuity Scheduling and I want to offer 3 sessions to my Facebook group. So that’s my goal! :)


    1. Kimberly

      That’s awesome!

  30. Suki

    Hi Nikki, Thanks for reminding me again to stop the perfectionism habit. I’ve working on the Brand guide my opt-in for weeks and still can’t let it go because I think “it’s not perfect, it’s doesn’t look nice!” But I WILL PUBLISH IT next week!

  31. Kimberly

    I’m already in the middle of putting stuff out there that I feel really good about with a Challenge I created using the court cards of the Tarot. :) It includes vidoes and blog posts, and for this perfectionist, it’s been a bit scary to just put it out there like this! But I had a similar realization as you, Nikki. I was reading all this conflicting advice. I had to just go with my intuition and not get so caught up in my head, obsessing over it. Plus, what I’ve found is that now I’ve got this out there, I’m thinking of all kinds of new creative projects I’d like to put out in the future.

  32. Tasneem

    Crazy coincidence! I have been working on a faceboook page that my friend and I have been at since last year. We finally go it up and I she knows I’m a total perfectionist and look at every single detail and then end up procastinating the entire thing. So she kept pushing and I think she’s even noticed I’v been easier to work with on this (we’ve been best friends since high school and she and my other friends have always sort of found it difficult to work with me coz I tend to look at the finer details and wanna get it perfect- but the thing is, you’ll always find something to make better). Point is, to get it out there. and so we shared our logo, all my other friends have been super supportive and we got some positive criticism and I was just sitting and thinking to myself, I had thought of making these exact things that we’re receiving in the feedback- so was feeling like an idiot for not acting on it. But i also realised it was a conscious decision as the point was to create awareness. and we have! I come across your video soon after and it just confirms what I keep telling myself- so thank you Nikky!

  33. cynthia murphy

    I’m going to make live my freebie opt in to start an email list. I don’t know if its too much info, if anyone will find it helpful but I wont know until I try.

  34. Jen

    This was a GREAT video and what I needed to hear today – I’ve done that same testing and I’m the Blue Chip – my two big themes/traits are Prestige, and Trust! So, I’m making it public, because I’m also a bit of a perfectionist – “It’s not ready, it’s not ready, it’s not ready” type of person. Anyway – I’ve had an idea for about a month now and I’m going to create the landing page and launch an opt-in this week. I’ll include the link as soon as I have the page up.
    My idea is centered around creative care and how we don’t have enough time or motivation to nurture our creative selves. I want to change that and provide tools for people to use for creative self-care. I’ll have my opt-in ready by this Friday. Soooo excited.

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