How to Get Great Results from an Online Course

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I taught college courses online for several years before starting my business + creating A Course About Copy.

One of the main benefits to online learning is that it’s asynchronous – you don’t have to have your bum in a seat for a set number (or schedule) of hours per week.

That’s why it’s such a great option for “non-traditional” college students – those with full-time jobs, families, and other daytime commitments. It’s all at your fingertips – on-demand like your fave show on Netflix. #ahemfridaynightlights

The downside of asynchronous online learning, howev, is that when left to your own devices (even + especially when there’s no college transcript involved ;)), it’s a whole lot easier put it off, forget that it’s there, and thus – get no results.

For better or worse, as an online learner (assuming you’ve invested in the right course), the burden of learning is on YOU.

Let’s talk about how to make. it. WORK, sister. 

In this post I share 5 simple tips for getting great results from an online course.

NOTE: This is once you’ve already MADE the investment using these three questions to make sure it’s an effective course + a smart investment for you. We’re assuming you’re in it to win it here.


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You’re one decision away from making this happen.

But in case you’re a fan of steps, I’ve got five of ’em for you:


You’re the boss. You’re a big girl (or boy), and you made this investment for a reason – now it’s up to YOU to put in the effort.

Don’t sit back + passively wonder if you’ll get results – DECIDE to get results, and don’t stop til you do.


If you’ve done your research + have seen that a great outcome is possible for other people, it’s totally possible for you.


You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. (And always, let’s be honest!)

If you don’t consciously make time to apply this course by scheduling it on an actual calendar, it ain’t gonna happen.

Carve out specific chunks of time to watch the videos, do the homework, connect in the community…all of it.

(To make it easier, use something like this Mary Kay Weekly Plan Sheet I mentioned in the video!)

Life happens + schedules change, of course, BUT when we write something down and make that mental commitment, we’re much more likely to follow through.




YES, the huge benefit of online learning is that you can do it on your own time.

But you’ve still gotta actually DO IT.

(You know it’s awkward when somebody jumps into a FB group or forum asking Qs that are already answered in the course. Don’t be that guy :))

Watch allllll the lessons.

Check out alllllll the worksheets + homework.

Take in alllll the bonus resources + examples that are part o’ the package.

Make time for live calls if they’re offered (See #2.)

Can’t make the calls? Submit Qs in advance if that’s an option.

Use allllllll the resources there available to you.

You made this investment – time to work it, baby.



Just like in school-school, homework’s more fun with study buddies.

Even if there’s not a formal community element to the course, you’re not the only one who has purchased this program.

Find a study buddy to talk about what you learned, exchange helpful feedback.

Accountability can make ALL the difference.



Most courses offer download options – and many offer access + updates for the lifetime of the course.

Don’t underestimate the power of a second (third, fourth, or fourteenth!) run through the content.

As you and your business grow, your frame of reference changes.

With a great course, you can go back again and again with fresh eyes, a new style, and/or a different perspective, and get something brand new.

Talk about making the most of your investment!



You’ve got this. Commit to getting great results, and you absolutely will.


In the comments below, share:

What are some of YOUR tips for making the most of an online learning experience?

Share your class notes below :)

To getting results #likeaboss,


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  1. Gisèle

    Thanks Nikki – I completely agree. And I’d like to encourage everyone to s-c-h-e-d-u-l-e it! If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Absolutely, Gisèle! Over the past month or so I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing down what I want + need to do the next day the night BEFORE. Helps my brain shut down for the day to know it’s all there and accounted for in the future ;)

  2. Peachy

    I was just curious.. is there a reason you don’t you stock art/photos on your blog?

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Mostly out of an obsessive desire for consistency and a lack of interest in spending time searching for the right ones ;)

  3. AnaMaria

    For your course, and others, I type out on a word (google) doc the course (title/number) and write DONE when I’ve gone through it. Keeps me accountable and on track!
    your work so inspires me for the Vitality Online Spa i’m creating for Women with AutoImmune Disorders. grazie!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love it, Ana Maria! Gotta find a system that works :)

  4. Lauren Scalf

    This is so great I love it!! I am really bad with any courses I sign up for because I tend to skip around a lot and just do what I “think” I need. In reality I’m just hurting myself doing this!!

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