Feet on the ground.

When was the last time you (literally) grounded yourself? 🌱 

This is PROGRESS. 

I’ve been awfully screeny lately as I create a new live training I’m hosting this week..

In the old days / years, I would just keep pushing. Hustle hustle hustle, focus focus focus. Don’t stop till you’re DONE. 

Even if your brain is fried.

And your whole family is asleep.

And everything’s taking you twice or thrice the time to complete because your creative spark left the building a few hours back.

That’s not how I choose to roll in 2018. 

I’ve spent the last couple of years unlearning my old habits.

And while at times it felt painful to sloooooooow the eff down as I felt called to do, I’m finally starting to see the fruits of that season. 

Staying curious about my process.

NOTICING when I’m entering the red zone. 

Consciously shifting gears (like getting outside, putting my feet in the grass, and staring up at the sky for a while).

Asking for support and/or space when I need it. 

Reminding myself that while I love + value the work I’m doing…it’s NOT ALL THAT SERIOUS.

(Kind of like my purple sweatpants that I did INDEED wear in public last week. I think they provide a nice contrast with the grass.💃🏻)

YOUR TURN. >> What are some of your fave go-to moves when you notice you’re making things harder / less fun than they (honestly) need to be?

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