ON FIYAH. My EonFire Interview with John Lee Dumas



If you haven’t had the pleasure of e-meeting John Lee Dumas or listening to his top-ranked Entrepreneur on Fire podcast (awarded Best in iTunes!), you’re in for a TREAT.

Not only is JLD a wildly successful, super-transparent entrepreneur, he’s also an Army vet and a really NICE fella.

Oh, and this podcast I’m talking about – he publishes a new episode SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Not kidding. Dude’s a machine.

He + his partner Kate have seriously mastered the art of batching + systemizing.


I had SO much fun “igniting” with JLD in this interview – loved his Qs.

I’m sharing it here on my site because I’m pretty confident you’ll enjoy it too.

Without further ado…


As I mentioned JLD is all about the systems, so it’s no surprise that he’s got his Qs down to an ART. 

Here’s a list of EXACTLY what we cover in this episode:

  • A glimpse into my personal life
  • My elevator pitch (AKA the latest edition of my one sentence ;))
  • Shout-out to the military fam (did you know John served in the army?)
  • My main source of revenue right now
  • How to know what to give away for FREE vs. paid content
  • My most embarrassing entrepreneurial moment (+ how I recovered from it)
  • John’s biggest takeaways from HIS entrepreneurial flops
  • The aha moment that changed the game for me
  • My biggest weakness
  • What had me all fired up at the time of the interview
  • What was holding me back from becoming an entrepreneur
  • The best advice I’ve ever received
  • One personal habit that contributes to my success
  • My fave “internet” resource (I cheated on that one)
  • My book recommendation for #firenation (+ JLD singing the hokey pokey)
  • What I’d do with a laptop, $500, and a dream ;)

WHEW! That’s a lot for just 32 minutes. This one’s a goodie.

Click here to listen in.

BONUS TIP: If you’d rather not take the full 32 minutes to listen, set your podcast app to play at 1.5x speed. For every podcast you play from now on. #gamechanger

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ALSO if you’re new to EoFire, I highly recommend this special episode (#1000) where John + Kate Erickson (his partner in biz + in life) chat about John’s top five takeaways from his first 999 (!) interviews.

Their about page is pretty fantastic too – love the infographic timeline!

Once you’re over there, have fun with the “search” function on his site and search for your fave entrepreneurs to see if they’ve got interviews in his ever-growing library.

It’s a gold mine ‘o inspiration.


In the comments below, tell me:

What’s your fave takeaway from the episode?

BONUS POINTS: If you’re a regular EoFire listener (AKA part of Fire Nation), what’s one of your fave episodes? Leave a link in the comments!

(Eon)Fire away :)

To salutes + storytelling,


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