A Tool for Peace Amidst the Panic

How you feelin over there?

Watched a video last night that stirred up a bit of anxious nerves and inspired me to do some EFT (tapping) before heading to bed.

I appreciate that this current pandemic experience is bringing up a lot for a LOT of people, understandably so.

Wherever you are and however you’re feeling about all this, I’m hoping this round of EFT with Brad Yates may help take the edge off so your body can feel more peace than panic <3

Sending love from Houston,


P.S. For another helpful balanced perspective to help shape your thoughts / mindset as you take in news + best practices from *credible* sources like the CDC, WHO, your trusted medical professionals, etc, click here for a few words from John Demartini.

Lengthy P.P.S. I was actually set to send an invite for private 1:1 work in this email today, but I’d rather send you this resource since health (physical, mental, emotional) comes first. This is definitely a unique and unusual time for us all!

That said – we’re currently healthy and whole over here and I *am* officially ready to start supporting (+ challenging ;)) a few new VIP clients starting this month. If you’re interested in learning more about what that could look like, click here to apply.

Either way – please take care of you and those in your world. EVEN IF YOU’RE SKEPTICAL (I was years ago when I first learned about it!), give tapping a try, and if it helps – share the link with friends + fam who could use some nervous system support amidst the unknowns.

Think it’s pretty clear that one of the biggest lessons / reflections in all this is how truly interconnected we all are.

Meet you back here soon!