Defining RICH

“I’m rich!!”

Last summer my (bigger) little guy B went to the family “office” with my dad.

He came home with a few fresh dollar bills (basically making it rain), added them to his Ninja Turtle wallet, and proudly proclaimed: “I’m RICH!”

*cue all the “well buddy, money isn’t the ONLY thing that makes you rich – you have a healthy body, family and friends who love you, a safe, beautiful place to live…*

You know. #thingsmomssay.

To trigger tiny eyerolls.

But he got me thinking:

What does RICH mean to me?

What does it mean to YOU?

As entrepreneurs, parents – HUMANS, this is a conversation worth having.

With each other *and* with our kids.

WE get to define what “rich” means to us.

And how we create it.

So let’s.

In the comments here, tell me what RICH means to you right now. ❤️💰💡