The BEST (Personal) Use of Facebook Groups I’ve Seen

A few weeks ago I had a SUPER simple yet game-changing idea on how we can use Facebook in a totally new way — for business AND for personal life.

It’s one of those how-did-we-not-think-of-this-sooner? ideas that led to a whole lot of exclamation points and “this is brilliant!!”s in the comments.

If you’re a digi-hoarder like me (phone’s almost always FULL, laptop’s slower by the day) and you want a safe space for capturing ideas, practicing FB lives, AND storing family videos and pics watch this vid to learn the super quick trick that may forever change how you document things over there:

The what + “how to” starts right around 2:52ish mark, plus I’ve got a quickie summary for you in the comments if you’d prefer to read it ‘n go.

Hope this quick tip empowers you bottle up some priceless moments this weekend <3


P.S. My fave quote this week comes from the brilliant Brené Brown’s latest book, Braving the Wilderness. Read it on my flight home from San Francisco last night and had to share with you today:

“…it will take only a critical mass of people who believe in finding love and connection across difference to change everything.”

Here’s to being part of that critical mass of believers.