Copywriting 101 (AKA Smart Passive Income Ep. 171)

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Earlier this summer I had the honor of chatting it up with Mr. Pat Flynn (dad, husband, and creator of the wildly successful Smart Passive Income podcast) the NIGHT before he and his fam headed to Oahu for vacation.  

During our chat (SPI Episode 171: A Crash Course on Copywriting), we covered a LOT of ground.

So much ground that I’d be crazy not to dedicate an entire post on my own site to share the goodness. (These tips needed a permanent NEB home!)

Here’s how Pat sums up what you’ll learn when you join us:

  • [My] journey to becoming The Communication Stylist + snagging [my] dream clients
  • The four Cs of better copywriting
  • How to find your unique writing voice
  • Tips for beginning writers on overcoming writer’s block
  • “Recipes” for crafting the perfect structure for any writing project
  • Strategies for writing successful sales copy
  • Why and how to give your audience “homework” to spark that crucial next step
  • How to be an all-star communicator both in person and online

Sound like a wise investment of your time today?

SWEET. I was hoping you’d think that.


Click here to enjoy the episode.

BONUS TIP: If you’d rather not take the full 40 minutes to listen, set your podcast app to play at 1.5x speed. For every podcast you play from now on. #gamechanger


Also, if you’re more of a visual learner, you will LOVE the ACAC-style notebook we’ve created for you. (I may be biased, but I genuinely believe my ACAC notebooks are the prettiest digi-school supplies around.)


Click here to grab your copy of the SPI 171 class notes.


And in the spirit of walking my talk (typing my hype?), here’s YOUR homework for this week(end), should you choose to accept it:

Leave a comment on Pat’s blog with your fave takeaway.

WHY leave a comment over there?

Because I’m a new kid in town with most of Pat’s crowd, and as one of my VIP list buddies, your support means (+ says!) a lot.

Bottom line: There’s a party at SPI 171, and you’re invited.

See you over there!


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