GREAT News for Overachievers + Perfectionists

I know you logically KNOW this.

But if you’re still keeping yourself benched on the sidelines, watching (what feels like) everyone else play the game because (you think) you don’t know enough yet, it’s time for a reminder:

You don’t have to know EVERYTHING to make a meaningful difference.

I re-read this GEM in a post by the brilliant Denise DT today and felt pulled to share it with you too:

34. I’m a contributor, not a guru.

As soon as I gave myself permission to contribute to the conversation of women and money, and not have to be a guru or expert, then my business became fun. If you really care about a topic, be a contributor. Who cares if you don’t know everything. You don’t have to be the best to make a difference to someone.


SO GOOD right?

And it’s so true.

Read all of Denise’s “37 Lessons from a Self-Made Millionaire” here.

And for the love, please know that even if you’re not feeling it today – in this EXACT moment – you are enough.

Time to join the conversation.