Choosing a Biz Title: What Every Coach Should Know

Choosing a Biz Title

Before we start, let me acknowledge: Plenty of great folks resist the idea of titles, labels, elevator speeches, bios, etc. when it comes to describing their businesses. That’s cool for them. But I LOVE the idea.

I think having a smart, concise way to tell people what you do is actually really important. And when done right, that little bit of advance prep allows you to be less inhibited and MORE in the moment than if you were anxiously scrambling for meaningful words to describe your life’s work.

So. If you’re one of those folks who’s allergic to titles, elevator speeches, and other traditionally accepted forms of business description, you’re probably not going to like this post. (Or this one, where I offer 8 steps to explain what you do in ONE glorious sentence.)

If you DO, on the other hand, want a great title to add to your business card, email signature, or next tattoo design, keep reading. (Tweet that!)

Since launching my business earlier this year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a LOT of coaches.

Health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, writing coaches, parenting coaches…a LOT of coaches.

And besides being super-passionate (and a lot of fun to work with), they’ve all got at least ONE thing in common: They HATE the word “coach.” 

What I’ve found is that this love-hate relationship with traditional titles isn’t limited to just coaches. I’ve also worked with doctors, dentists, designers, developers, stylists (the real kind), artists, retailers, social media gurus, writers, and photographers who dream of one-of-a-kind designations.

Most folks I know are looking for a simple, two-to-three word business title that feels good, not embarrassing, when it pops up in conversation and business card swaps.

So that’s what I wanna talk about today: Crafting the “perfect” biz title.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake most online entrepreneurs make when picking a title
  • What creative biz titles and great necklaces have in common
  • Why coaches really don’t NEED to hate the word “coach”
  • How I came up with my title ‘o’ 2013 –  “The Communication Stylist”
  • 3 simple steps to crafting a title that feels good to you AND makes sense to your people

Click below to watch:

Key Takeaways

The big mistake: Like women dress for other women, online entrepreneurs tend to title themselves for other online entrepreneurs. (Hint: That only works if your dream clients ARE other online entrepreneurs.)

Craft Your Perfect* Title in 3 Steps

*Perfect is whatever works for you, right now. This can change as you do.

Step 1:
Consider your dream clients. Not your peers. When it comes your clients, what kind of language makes sense to THEM?

Step 2: Brainstorm. Make a list of the “plain” options AND the “creative” options. Draw down to some finalists on what describes what you do AND makes sense to your people. When in doubt, go clear or go home. (Tweet that!)

Step 3: Test it out. Ask a handful of trusted advisors for honest feedback. If more than a few people are confused, go back to the drawing board to find a clearer option.

You don’t have to tell them everything; you just have to tell them enough. (Tweet that!)

The “perfect” title isn’t going to make or break you, but it certainly help you start the conversation and open up the door of communication…and that’s when the real fun begins.

Let’s Talk

In the comments below, tell me:

  • What’s your go-to biz title? How’d you come up with it? What do your clients think of it?
  • If you don’t have one yet, go through steps 1 + 2 above and invite feedback from folks here in the comments. (We’ll go with a “give two cents, take two cents” honor system on this one.)

If this post was helpful to you in any way, please click + SHARE the love with your friends, fans, and followers. It’s a sweet thing to do, and I’d really appreciate it!

May your week be filled with warm fuzzies and hot chocolate, my friend.

To carbohydrate alchemists and business coaches,




  1. Colleen

    When I did movie trailers in California, I wanted to distinguish myself from the other writer/producers, so my card read “Wonderful Writer, Prolific Producer.” When I moved to write for NordicTrack, my company became just Wonderful Writer, LLC and it has served me extremely well. It’s memorable, people know instantly what I do and how I do it, and best of all – it also distinguishes me from anyone else.
    (P.S. I was born in Honolulu, and my goal is to retire there.)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Wonderful Writer – perfect blend. Just the word “wonderful” makes me feel warm and fuzzy (maybe the Christmasy association with “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeear….”).

      Work it, Colleen! And let me know when you get back to Honolulu ;)

    2. Marsha from

      Dude, i LOVE “Wonderful Writer”. Love love love!
      I’m with Nikki – it makes me feel warm and Christmassy!

  2. Tonia Winchester

    Tricky bit for me is that my actual, plain Jane title, Naturopathic Doctor is one hardly anyone knows. So… when asked, “What do you do?” Instead of telling people my title (which is not what they asked), I answer their question with what I actually do, “I help busy-super women make time for what is important by teaching them how to look after themselves. And I do this through my work as a Naturopathic Doctor.”

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YEP! Jackpot. (And I remember you telling me the first time you used it and charmed the figurative pants off of your conversation partners ;))

      Exactly why I vote for having some go-to descriptors under your biz sleeve. Just a good starting point.

  3. Debra

    From someone in the coaching trenches, I wish I would have had this information earlier. These tips are so helpful in the midst of feeling like you want to find something clear and creative! After a year and a half of trying to figure this out, I decided on calling myself “Happiness Expert for the Modern Mom.” I bought the url “” (still working on the website piece) but am unsure if I should use this as the url or just my name. Any thoughts? Would love your feedback on the biz title :)

    1. Hannah

      I love that! “Happiness Expert for the Modern Mom” :)

      1. Debra

        Thanks, Hannah!

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hi Debra!

      A few Qs in there –

      For choosing to go with your name or MM, I recommend checking out this video: This video was my first exposure to Marie earlier this year! (And I decided name was right for me because it wouldn’t limit me in the future.)

      As for title – modern mom coach says it all! Again – try not to overthink it. The title plays a supporting role. Your “one sentence” and answer to the real “What do you do?” Q is where the real magic happens :)

      1. Debra

        Hi Nikki,

        I watched that video too before :) My “brand pants” were feeling tight when I went with a biz name instead of my name, and after some soul searching (seems like there is a lot of that when building your brand), I decided to go with my name. I just wasn’t sure if it made sense to use my biz title or my name as the url. I guess I could have both that point to the same page.

        Just reworked my biz motto today — “a return to the soul-nurturing joy of life and motherhood.” It is great seeing the magic start to come together!

  4. Thea

    I worked as a personal trainer for many years. I spent a lot of my time working with clients at our local YMCA. It was there that the Fitness Director dubbed me the title Fitness Specialist. She always said “you are so much more than a trainer”. I loved it! It felt right. So naturally when I started coaching and my focus is business and life, the title Business & Lifestyle Specialist just fell into place. Im cool with the title coach but I kept hearing my old boss’ very supportive words… “Youre so much more than that” :-)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love specialist, Thea!

      And that’s kinda my point – people give “coach” a bad rap – but it can mean so many things.

      Most people who hire coaches probably don’t KNOW (m)any other coaches, so there’s a huge opportunity to take that and run with it. Everyone has a chance to define it and paint the picture for their potential clients!

    2. Cathy

      Love the idea of specialist! It’s more than just a trainer, but also different than an “expert”…

  5. Erin Brule

    Current title: The not-so-silent partner at
    How did we come up with it? Well…it described me perfectly!
    I was meant to be ‘behind the scenes’ entirely…but, I’m just too chatty to stay ‘silent’ :)

    Our students don’t really see ‘titles’ – so it was more for our amusement!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I love it, Erin :) It really does describe your role perfectly!

  6. Carin Kilby Clark @Mrscpkc

    I struggle with the title… and I am in transition to launch my new parent coaching & consulting programs next year… The one that I like a lot though is “Mommyhood Mentor.” I like this because my focus is on helping mothers to stress-less and create happy lives… and my methods are really teaching them what I know, guiding them on the path, and pushing them forward to achieve the motherhood lifestyle that matches with their core desires… so, it kind of seems like it fits (mentor, rather than coach or consultant). What do you think?!

    1. Hannah

      I think if you’re really teaching them what you know, mentor is a perfect title! And the alliteration is awesome :)

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Agreeing with Hannah. I LOVE mentor. The word, the idea, and the warmth. I think mamas will too!

    3. Debra

      I have also seen the term Parenting Strategist (just to throw another one out there). Best of luck!

  7. Kathy G

    Currently I use the tagline, “I Provide Bookkeeping – Clean and Simple” because that is basically all I do. However I am open to refining this statement as necessary, so thanks for providing the tools to do just that! :)

    PS: I volunteer for a job networking group that meets at my church. I love how a lot of what you say about determining your focus supports what I’ve been telling these folks all along, so I’ve started sharing your Facebook posts with my Group through our LinkedIn group in Facebook pages called Cobb Career Site. Again thanks for the info!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks so much for sharing (here in the comments AND in the CCS group), Kathy! I really appreciate that.

      “Clean, simple bookkeeping” sounds DREAMY. You do important work :)

  8. Hannah

    I think I may just stick with “life coach”. I may add “transformative” or “intuitive” to the beginning at some point, but I’m starting to like the idea of keeping it really simple :) As a life coach, I help women enjoy the ride by releasing their limitations, harnessing their intuition, and moving forward with purpose. Thanks for the help with that one, Nikki! ;)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I love simple. So much. And as I create a vision for 2014, it’s top of mind.

      It’s SO easy to overcomplicate things without intending to. And there’s really just NO need.

      Thanks for jumping in, Hannah!

    2. Debra


      I feel like people are starting to understand what a life coach is. I have some coaching friends who have found that people/clients love and connect with that biz title.

      Best of luck!

  9. Karen Taggart

    Great advice Nikki! I’m not even a coach and I found this very helpful. It’s useful to keep in mind WHO are potential customers or clients are. Just because we’re all immersed in B-School or any other online business learning activities doesn’t mean “the average Joe” would have any idea what the heck a life coach even is.

    It may seem like “OMG coaches are everywhere!” when in reality, they make up a teeny tiny portion of our world. Like you said, go clear or go home! :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Exactly right, Karen!

      If the people you want to serve speak Spanish and you’re playing around with Italian, you’re spinning your wheels and everyone ends up disappointed.

      Gotta speak their language in YOUR unique style. Winning combination.

  10. Silvia

    Hi Nikki,

    I’ve always just been Chef Silvia – ever since I wrote my first “Note from the Chef” back in 1995 when I thought my restaurant patrons should know something about the person cooking their food and I signed the note that way. Since then I’ve struggled a bit with that title because I’m really so much more than simply a chef (kinda like Thea). I still stubble with it sometimes but I think between my tag line – Cook. Eat. Connect and describing myself as a holistic chef I feel better about it. I think I just hate being penned in.

    1. silvia

      Sorry Nikki…the word was struggle. And BTW love your 3 tips..easy and memorable.

  11. Marsha from

    I loved this post! I’m going to sit down and have a proper think, but would love some other thoughts:

    Currently I use Networking Mentor. A recent client dubbed me an Introvert Whisperer, which I love, but neither really is The One for me.

    When people ask what I do, I say, “I show people who think they hate networking and they’re bad at it and it’s gross, that they don’t have to, they’re probably not, and it doesn’t have to be”. A little clunkier than I’d like, but tends to get it across.

    My problem (and my issue with “Networking Mentor”) is that my dream clients are afraid of the word “Networking” – so someone who can coach them in it, or mentor them through it, is what they need, but not necessarily what they think they want! They also may not consider themselves introverts – just Not Schmoozers.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I see your struggle, M, and I raise you my two cents:

      Networking may be something they’re allergic to (as we’ve discussed ;)), BUT they still know they need it.

      If you go a less obvious route like “friend facilitator” you run the risk of sounding like a weirdo. And I don’t think they realize YET that networking really is about making interesting friends.

      Howev, when they talk to you and/or visit your site, BOOM that will be obvious. You’re a warm fuzzy blanket over the otherwise cold and calculated concept of networking.

      1. Marsha from

        Nikki! All excellent points, and i LOVE that last sentence, bless you!

        I think you’re right that people do know “networking” and understand that they need to use it… so I’ll stick with it! Thank you :)

  12. claire stone

    Nikki- you just make sooo much sense. You are like cool common sense on steroids!

    I’m getting close to mine – I’m a nutritionist, and I’m a realistic one, but I get amazing results from my realistic approach – so I say something like: I am a nutritionist and I turn confused eaters into happy food superheroes

    (still not quite there yet – any comments would be appreciated!)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Well thanks, Claire!!

      Funny you say that because just recently I realized how often I say, “Does that make sense?” in my work with clients :) That’s really what I base all my approach on – what makes SENSE.

      As for yours – you could keep it SUPER simple and say – “I’m a nutritionist” – and/or – “I take the confusion out of (or I put the fun into) healthy eating.”


    2. Sara Mazenko

      Claire, just in my quick read through this the words that stuck out as simple and captivating for your title were: The Realistic Nutritionist. It depends on who your dream clients are, but I know many many people who are scared of nutritionists because all they see in their future is kale and more kale.

      Also, love Nikki’s follow-up . . .

  13. Cathy

    Will definitely have to sit down and play this game full out. My title has been giving me a lot of grief lately, and I want to nail it as I commit fully to moving forward in this concept of business.

    For now, my generic title is naturotherapist or holistic nutrition consultant – neither of which fully describe what I do. Holistic wellness expert (or to use Thea’s word)…specialist.

    Will get back about this more in e coming days. Thanks, Nikki!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Holistic Wellness Specialist – sounds QUITE comprehensive to me, Cathy!

      Let us know what you end up with :)

  14. mary

    ok, I think I got some things….lol. I’ve got a title for my website…seems unrelated to my service…except I know what it means.

    My services title – maryintuitive (on the spot really when had to come up with something) Vs Intuition Instigator – not sure about ‘instigator’ but I feel it’s actually closer to what I do / want to do.

    My utube clips are under another name….again on the spot have to come up with a name…

    I guess having ONE name would be a good idea.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this clip.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! Yep, Mary.

      As I said – nothing has to be written in stone. I just know from working with my clients in 2013 that it helps take a lot of anxiety out of the picture if you’ve got a solid starting point.

      You’ll get there!

  15. Olya

    Loved this video! Thanks so much, Nikki.
    I call myself Mind & Body Coach.
    However I do also business coaching (as I have knowledge in this area too). I really liked Thea’s idea: Lifestyle & Business Specialist.
    Would like to come up with something similar….

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Specialist is the word of the day! Covers a lot of bases, Olya – and sounds like you do too.

  16. Marcie Paige

    This was perfect timing! I was just crafting my title today and I came up with Mindful Parenting :) Thank you again Nikki!

  17. Melody Wilding

    Nikki – It’s like you read my mind! This is an issue I have struggled with for months. As a therapist to female entrepreneurs and young professional women I’ve wanted to differentiate myself from coaching yet have struggled with the fact that the term “therapist” may sound scary. Currently, I use my name for the business and the tagline “therapy for female entrepreneurs, so your business doesn’t drive you crazy”, however your video is making rethink that this speaks too much to other entrepreneurs and not enough to working women who do not think of themselves as “entrepreneurial”. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hi Melody!

      You can communicate business + job by using “work” if that might resonate.

      Ex. Melody Wilding, LMSW (yes, I clicked ;))
      So your work doesn’t drive you crazy.

      ALSO – interesting fact, I’ve never said “I only work with women” – and YET, out of over 160 clients in 2013, only one was a male. SO – don’t feel like you *have* to say “for female XYZ” – your other language can paint that picture for her!

      1. Melody Wilding

        You are a machine, girl! Many thanks xx

  18. Lisa

    This post came at the perfect time and I’ve been mulling it all over as I refine my offerings. I’m moving away from design for clients and into more creative strategy and manifesting. I’ve really focused on the ‘big picture brand work’ with them but have not found a title to describe my role and mission (creating with intention). My top contenders so far:
    Creative Vision Guide
    Creative Vision Consultant
    Creative Vision Specialist
    I’d love some feedback! Thanks for this post Nikki! Your title inspired me to rethink mine before this post and I’m delighted about the advice.

  19. Alicia

    Ok So I’m calling myself a wellness coach I think it’s pretty self explanatory but I could always use feedback, what do you think of when you hear wellness coach?

  20. Laura

    This has been SO helpful Nikki, thank you. Using your advice, I have decided to name my business after my name – as however my business grows, I will always be the thing that stays the same. So I’ll use my name with a tagline. Here is what I *think* it will be: Laura Yates. The go-to girl for smart, sensitive and inspiring ways to build your confidence, create change and discover the real ‘you’.

  21. Jennifer

    Such great content here! I am a life coach as well as a Certified Financial Planner. I start helping people with their money but it opens to door to talk about all the juicy stuff, from relationships, to self-worth, to purpose/passion, etc. My two tagline options are:

    love your money. love your life.
    creating wealth and happiness from the inside out

    and then I have “money and life coach” also on the page, near my bio. But a trusted friend said it was confusing and she suggests that it would be clearer to clients if that was my tagline, as well as my “label”. Thoughts?

  22. linda white

    I want to change my email and website names because they are soooo long. I really like short, easy, uncomplicated things. I’m trying to come up with what describes my business. I help women who are burnt out, stressed out and exhausted to create a life full of energy, love, passion and purpose” ( still working on that elevator speech:)) I came up with healthyhappylinda but now not sure. I like my name in the web address. I was healthcoachlindawhite but toooooooo long. Any suggestions? I do like when I see the coaches name for their web address but my name is so plain. I am stuck here.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      How about just (if isn’t available)?

      I like simple too :) Gives you room to grow!

  23. Megan

    Great tips!! I have been brainstorming a name for my business for months! It seems like so many people are getting into the health coach business these days, I feel like another fish in the water. So I am struggling with a domain name which won’t be too long but will tell people what I do. Catchy but not too general! So difficult! I “coach” people on balancing their lives in areas such as fitness, nutrition, career, relationships, education, career, and finances with a FOCUS on nutrition. And my domain name doesn’t necessarily have to be my business name, although that would be really nice! I also teach bootcamps. So far here is what I have narrowed my choices down to:

    What I like about Total Balanced Lifestyle is that it incorporates my vision and I could use the “TBL” acronym easily in the business. However, Wellness Nutrition Coach seems very clear, and since my focus is nutrition, it makes sense as well. I have a few other ideas, like incorporating the word “fit” but those are two for now! I also thought about sticking the word kids in there somewhere since I’d also like to focus on them. THANKS for your feedback!!

  24. Kat Bern

    I LOOOOVED this metaphor of dressing up for other women/other entrepreneurs.

    I will have to make a round and ask what does a Dream Home Creator sound like to people.

    The only problem is that everyone I could ask knows I’m an interior designer, so would they be the right audience to ask?

    Still, great video. Thank you for the advice, the Communication Stylist ;)

    Kat xx

  25. Hils Crisp

    I help conscious entrepreneurs create the business they want through effective authentic marketing.
    Biz title suggestions:
    Authentic Marketing Strategist
    Authentic Marketing Visionary
    Passion in Business Believer
    Conscious Business Coach
    Conscious Business Transformer
    Marketing Manifestor

    To me they all sound a bit boring, and I’m a real fun-loving, free-spirited, enthusiastic person! And also want to be seen as professional etc. Any comments and new suggestions gratefully received.
    Hils x

  26. Liz Dederer | Business Coach Extraordinaire!

    THANK YOU for the permission to go SIMPLE!!

    I’m a business coach – that’s as narrow as I want to be ‘right now’.

    I teach niche.. I teach targeting….as goals – not rules.
    I’ve narrowed with some crazy titles and I felt awkward introducing myself.

    And YES, my coaching crew loves the next inventive word and we can ruminate about words all day long.

    BUT, at networking events – which is where I get my clients – I say biz coach and throw in a joke and they’ve a) categorized me and b) connect with me or don’t! Fancy pants languaging confuses most people ESPECIALLY when they’re networking and quite frankly are just happy to have a drink in their hand!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the permission.

    PS – LOVE your vibes + energy. Me thinks there could be some collabo down the road! :)

  27. Fiona Parish

    I have just qualified as a “holistic health coach” – but the more I coach, the more I realise I am more of a life coach. I hate the term “life coach” and would love some ideas. I have considered Transformation Coach with a tagline of “living in alignment” because ultimately that is the goal. Aligning values and behaviours.

  28. Perri M

    Happy New Year ! Love your video Nikki. I am working on starting a second career as a Health Coach (certified personal trainer and health coach)and have been struggling with business name and title for months. I know now that I am over thinking it and I do have a fear using “coach”. For some reason I am not comfortable with that title/label. dream clients: mid life people struggling with weight and unhealthy lifestyles.

    What are you thoughts about “Shape Up with Perri” website:, tag line: because you only have one life! is it confusing?

    I look forward to everyone’s feedback !

  29. Natasha Vanzetti

    Nailed it! I’ve been helping other people with this recently but wasn’t taking my own advice. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple Nikki. My work has been shifting recently so I’ve been trying to find something that works with where I’m going but doesn’t confuse people that already know me.

    For now I’ve settled on Discovery Coach because the Discovery phase is where I’m having so much fun with clients and I want to do more of that. Now time to go back to your One Sentence Workbook and refine exactly what I’m up to now :)

    1. Aasiyah Ghazi

      Oooh I like that title! Discovery Coach!

  30. Dena

    I am really struggling settling on a name for my business… just sounds so boring and I don’t think it necessarily catches the essence of my business. Yet, I don’t want to over complicate things as my business is Neurofeedback and Coaching. I work with individuals/families that have kiddos with special needs (primarily Foster Families and families with kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder) and treat the family holistically through combining Neurofeedback and Coaching. My Username that i use on many Social Media sites is 4evrmama as that describes who I am but I have not found a way to really integrate it into a name that sounds professional for a business name.

  31. Aasiyah Ghazi

    Nikki, thank you so much for recommending this blog post of yours to me!

    Seriously, it couldn’t have come at the most perfect time. And it’s funny you mentioned B. School because I want to get that program by Marie Forleo, and also, Client Attraction Business School with Fabienne Fredrickson. These two business schools would be such a dream come true for me to attend!

    Interestingly, I had been toying with a title for a while – I don’t want to be called a hypnotherapist. Actually, when people see the word “Hypnosis” or Hypno anything, they start to feel a sense of fear that I’ll be hypnotizing them and it’s not a positive word to me, personally. I wanted a title to call myself so when people ask, I could simply say, “I help redesign your subconscious mind to create new habits to give you a fabulous life!” And I chose to call myself “The Savvy Mind Stylist” and then I just noticed you use that word too. LOL! I guess great minds think alike! I’ve been asking people what they think when they hear this title and a few people said it makes them think about opening up the mind, being more aware, redesigning – and a few people didn’t like the word Stylist. So I also have a backup title – The Savvy Mind Expert or Coach. I’m going to have to trademark these titles!

    Anyhow, I am grateful for this post and for all the wisdom you share, Nikki! :) You rock!

  32. Wendy Limbert

    This was a great post, and the discussion in the comments was incredibly valuable as well. I’m not at the point of needing a name yet, but I love the advice to go for simple over creative if you’re in doubt, because I tend to get stuck when I try for creative titles! I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference…

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Great, Wendy! Just remember clear beats clever every day o’ the week on this stuff :)

  33. christy

    Like many of you..I am struggling with a business name. I am a life coach and my niche is for moms whose husbands travel…at some point I want to branch into other areas of coaching and with other areas of people like celebrity spouses.. I want to empower women to be self fulfilled. I initially wanted sacred heart but sounds too religious. My logo will be a compass with a heart in the center witg a key hole in the heart….I have searched and searched and I am just lost.

  34. Steph

    Im loving this discussion.

    Advice and two cents welcome please…

    I am an experienced and registered mental health professional, yoga teacher and lover of holistic health and happiness. Im starting up my own private practice as a Wellness Practioner/Therapist to support people to live a life they love by exploring limitations and aligning these with their values.

    I love the name ‘The Good Life’ but its taken. Other option is ‘The Whole life’ but im not convinced.

    Looking forward to your ideas

    1. dedra

      The really good life…

  35. Christina Steyn

    Hi. Thank you for these advice. Geez though i do have a creative mind, i do find it rather tricky to find a business name that has not already been used by someone or one that has not been trademarked.
    I wanted to use the word “Elicit” but happened to see it was trademarked.
    Where can i check if a name is trademarked or not?
    I want to create a short and catchy business name or brand name that is not too long that it does not fit easily into a business card!
    I am a life coach, and a mind power strategist (using subliminals, paraliminals cd’s etc) so i am careful of using the word “coach”. i was thinking of replacing the word “coach” with strategies or solutions.
    I have been thinking of a short name life Life Realize Strategies, but i see there already exist a business name like Realize Life coaching.

  36. Ashley

    This came to me at perfect timing. I have been struggling with the title “Virtual Assistant” because I do so much MORE than what a typical VA does. My email signature is Freelance Executive Assistant | Project Manager Genius | Communications Expert HA thats a mouthful.

    I havent been able to think on how to creatively put it all together yet – and not just under a title of Virtual Assistant.

  37. Don

    Hi Nikki. Great advice on helping folks like me create a business name. I recently was certified as a “life coach”. I’m very excited about it. I’d like to run this company name by you and your readers: “IGNITE YOUR COURAGE”. A little about me — I just retired after teaching high school band for 42 years. I’m still very active in the music scene, and also looking forward to helping others with WELLNESS concepts, and goals. I have a web site that was created when I taught HS. it’s Thank you Nikki and others for your input. SIncerely — Don

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Glad to help, Don! As far as “ignite your courage” goes – I like to say “You don’t have to tell them everything; you just have to tell them ENOUGH.” I’d narrow down the “others” you’d most love to work with and ask them what ignite your courage means to them. If they’re in the right spot, GREAT. If they’re confused, NOT great. Clear beats clever every single time :)

      Hope this helps, and huge congrats on your retirement!

  38. Ted Bartlett

    so here is what has survived the ‘test’ stage so far: • Realization Coaching Assisting motivated individuals realize their full potential in business, relationships, health and happiness
    YOur thoughts?

  39. Bev Ehrlich

    I’m a parent coach who’s moving to slimming. Can only come up with Be your Best as a play on the Bs in Bev. Help. this was a great post. Thanks

  40. Mesha

    Help!! I am a part time RN and have a had a successful massage practice, Health Touch Massage. I more recently completed my training as a Happiness Coach and finally got certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! I desire to re-brand myself and blend my services: Massage-NTP-Happiness Coach. I have been kind of attached to the word Nourish. However, There are many websites out there with Nourish titles. I provide therapeutic skills of body work, customized personal nutritional plans and happiness coaching. How can I streamline and sum it all up in a name?

  41. Kayleigh Falcon

    I’m just starting my business and struggling with what to call myself. I’m a newly certified Life Coach & I help entrepreneurs create an authentic life and business. I guess I’m not sure if people will know what an ‘Authenticity Coach’ is if I decide to call myself that.

  42. Catherine

    I’m a new Law of Attraction Coach and just launching my biz. One thing I’m clear about is that I don’t want to use LOA in my title and Life Coach sounds a little large to me – I certainly don’t have life figured out. I love the word “Instigator”… How does Consciousness Instigator sound? Or Mindset Motivator? Would welcome thoughts!

  43. Mary – Jane Armstrong

    Hi, Help, my name for company is not working for me, I am a clinicial hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher, NLP practitioner,Holistic therapist, and teach stress/assertiveness courses, my name is Mind Over Matter hypnotherapy then I use Mindfulness Matters, therapies, I work with the mind body and soul, but want to attract some corporate work so it needs to work, in Scotland we have a saying “Mind Yourself” which means look after yourself, take care of yourself, etc, I’m thinking of using this and have a strap line underneath any thoughts or suggestions…

  44. Christina

    I am halfway through my health coaching program and super excited about creating my website! I am having trouble simplifying the words that I came up with to describe myself in putting it in a title. I would love your advice Nikki! I love your style. I am a Animal Care Professional, Health Coach, Outdoor enthusiast, Workout Queen with love for life!

  45. Petrona

    Looking for a simple yet meaningful business name for life and wellness coach. Love this conversation.thank you

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