Celebrate showing up.

I woke up feeling tiiiiiired today.

Knew I had to get outside and take a walk before passing go and even *attempting* thinky things.

As usual, fresh air and sunshine charged me right back up.

Got dressed in real clothes before 11am (what??), recorded a training that’s still uploading to Dropbox, then spent a couple hours talking mindset, biz models, copy, and courage with my #acourseaboutcopy fam.

Did I fit it all in today? No.

Am I still celebrating how I showed up for me and my people today?

HALE YES. (Note: By “celebrating,” I mean “spending more time outside and climbing into bed w a book by 9pm,” which brings us to our final Q: Am I actually 32 going on 85? MAYBE.)

So now I wanna celebrate with you.

In the comments here, share one meaningful way (big or small) that you showed up for yourself / your community / your dream today. I’ll get my emojis ready. 🤗🎉🤸🏻‍♂️🙌💥🥂