Mama’s workin.

MAMA’S WORKIN. ❤️👩🏻‍💻 Thought Dekie was just taking a pic. Anchoring it here bc I feel like it’s a clip they’ll appreciate when they’re older, especially paired with The Wonder Years theme song and maybe a black and white filter? Just giving you boys some ideas... 🎶🙃🥰 ANYWAY HI! How you feelin’ over there today? What’s inspiring you lately? 🤓❤️

A Tool for Peace Amidst the Panic

How you feelin over there?

Watched a video last night that stirred up a bit of anxious nerves and inspired me to do some EFT (tapping) before heading to bed.

I appreciate that this current pandemic experience is bringing up a lot for a LOT of people, understandably so.

Wherever you are and however you're feeling about all this, I'm hoping this round of EFT with Brad Yates may help take the edge off so your body can feel more peace than panic <3

Sending love from Houston,


P.S. For another helpful balanced perspective to help shape your thoughts / mindset as you take in news +...

Share what you wanna share.

Musing of the day - inspired by this pic I took in my parents’ yard a few weeks ago: if you have a pic (thought, or memory) you love, and you want to share it just because it’s special to you - DO IT.

Don’t squash your expression in the name of rules we’re collectively making up as we go.

Potential dream clients, friends, colleagues, and supporters who are checking you out on social media want to get to know YOU — your perspective, your values, your stories, your interests.

THAT’S the biggest benefit of this technology - REAL connection. A chance to build + nurture REALationships.

If you’ve been auto-playing by someone else’s...

How to Find Your Space in the World: A Podconvo with Kirsten Tyrell

There’s a LOT going on over here that I can’t wait to share with you. (Well I figuratively can’t wait - literally I can and will, because the anticipation is half the fun ;)) In the meantime today I wanted to officially THANK YOU for helping me send A Course About Copy off in style this month. After six years of holding the doors open, it feels so good (and also scary in the best kind of way) to meet, greet, and serve the ACAC class of 2020, close this chapter, and create space for the next. On that “next” note, I’ve got a fresh podcast conversation to share with you - recorded a few months back with the fabulous Kirsten Tyrell, host of the Marvelous podcast. I just relistened to the whole thing (at 2x speed; you know how I do…) and took some notes to help give you an idea of what...

Making Space for What’s Next: An Important Update <3

Now that I've had time to share this update with current members of my A Course About Copy® family, it's time to share the news with YOU. First - a bit of context - with a mindful note that some of this context is super personal and related to pregnancy and loss. If you’re not in a headspace for that (totally understand), go ahead and skip down to the “what this means” bit and you’ll get everything you need to know from there: After wrapping up an amazing nine-month “Homeroom” group experience in May 2019, I kicked off the summer feeling great - optimistically aiming to finish the first draft of the Naptime Empires® book in June, with plans to start up a fresh group experience in August come “back to school” time. That's not quite how it turned out. In late April, my husband...