The Cure for Online Biz Loneliness

the cure for online biz loneliness
What if I told you you’re not alone over there?

(Welp – that actually sounds a bit creepy. Let’s start over.)

What I mean is:

You may feel isolated over there, working on your business, tap-tap-tapping away on your keyboard, troubleshooting tech, second-guessing your copy / launch strategy / entire business model day in, month out…

But you’re NOT alone.

And another thing: Just because your work requires an internet connection doesn’t mean your RELATIONSHIPS have to.

Let’s prove it this week.

In this vid I share a super-quick (some may say SUPER-obvious) practice I recently started up –  to overwrite the self-imposed isolation story and reconnect myself with the delightful humans I call “biz buddies” for a reason.

Click here to catch the full share (along with my wiggly sidekick, Deke “nine-months-old-today” Brown):

Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

In A (Coco)Nut Shell


Get. on. the. phone. with your biz buddies.

Like speak to them.

Via phone. Skype. Zoom. Facebook Messenger. (Did you know you can use it like FaceTime? So convenient to not even need to pop over to Skype!)

Quit the typing, the real-time liking and commenting…and even the asynchronous audio texting (which I happen to love).

Set up a scheduler (I can say this because I have been using mine for oh, three whole weeks now) and send that friend a LINK so you guys can get a real-time chat on the books.

No pressure.

No agenda.

The only objective: real human connection.

Sharing stories, lessons, frustrations, solutions, laughs, and ideas.

It’s what friends DO.

And in a world of simple “reactions,” it can be a delightful change of pace.


In the comments, tell me:

<style=”padding-left: 30px;”>How do YOU prioritize real-time connection (with the folks you WANT to feel connected to)?

If you’ve been feeling disconnected, reach out to a biz buddy of yours today.

(Someone you DO message / text with on a regular, but haven’t SPOKEN to in a while.) *I have tips for connecting with folks you DON’T know yet here.)

Set up a real-time chat for sometime within the next week.

Tell her / him I said hi ;) and NOTE how much lighter you feel after the convo.

REALationships FTW,

P.S. Bonus tip: In addition to buddies, reach out to clients and customers in real time – they’ll love it! Even if you don’t want to set up an actual time / phone call, you can send a personalized audio note / voice memo as a fun surprise :)



  1. Nour

    Nikki I love this! First I love how the video is casual and you didn’t have set up million things before you post it. It’s so you, and so authentic! I wanna be your friend too! Lol.. I actually talked to a business friend today before I saw this. Well we texted because we kept missing each other’s calls. And yes it feels great! I have been saying I need to reach out to few people I miss and haven’t heard from in a loooong time ..I just have to schedule it! Love seeing your little guy! Thanks!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Haha thank you, Nour! And you’re write – definitely didn’t overthink this setup…just had to get the little man in my arms so he wasn’t eating the ethernet cable ;)

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